Nine Ways You Give Your Power Away


Take Back Your Power!

Are you aware of how often you give your power away? Look closer at how things work. Here are some examples:

1. When a friend asks you which movie you want to see with him or her and you say, “I don’t care”, you are giving your power to another to make your decision.

2. You are angry with someone because of what the person did to you and you refuse to forgive them. By holding on to the anger, you may eventually be taking it in on a cellular level. You are also giving your power away to the person who angered you. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

3. When you think someone else is greater than you, then you are giving your power away. The other person may have already developed their innate abilities. All of us have such capabilities. The other person may have developed their senses or skills ahead of you. Let go of thinking you’re not good enough.

4. Your new friends are making comments about an individual in your social group. You note all are laughing but you. You don’t say anything either way. By remaining silent, you are saying you agree with them and give your power away.

5. A friend is upset and is explaining an argument with another friend. At the end, she tries to get you to take her side. If you do, you have given her your power. Instead, you might say, “Interesting” or “Humm”. This keeps it neutral. Your friend may go through her story again and ask you , “Don’t you think I was right?”. A reply might be, “That is between the two of you. I do not choose to be involved in it”.

6. You move to a new location but don’t know anyone there. You make a friend and begin doing things together. At some point the person begins to make unsupportive comments to you or treat you poorly. You do not need someone like that in your life. If you stay and let the person verbally abuse you, you are giving your power away.

7. What others think of you is not your business. Learn to laugh and not take things seriously. Laughter raises your vibration to a higher frequency where you can get the answers you need. If you allow what others say as unsupportive thoughts to bother you, then you are giving your power away to them.

Find out who you are and love yourself unconditionally just as you are. This will make things easier for you as the earth moves through the fourth and into the fifth dimension. Stand in your truth and be a way shower for those who are ready.

8. Sometimes you will find people mention something to you but do not directly ask your permission. If you do not say no, they may take authority as if you said yes.

An example is calling the original company that installed my windows for an estimate on some needing to be replaced. The gentleman took measurements and wanted to order them. I said I wanted to get two more estimates before making a decision. Two days later he calls to notify me the windows are ordered and wants to make an installation appointment.

His side was you need the windows and they originally installed them so what is the problem if they can be installed next week. If you say okay and set up the appointment, you have just given your power away.

Become more aware of how you give your power away. Just say no. An explanation is not needed unless you choose to play into their hand.

9. You give your power away when you look outside of yourself for answers. The answers are within you.

What are some of the ways you have given your power away? Let me know and I will include some in future posts if you would like me to.



What is the Fifth Dimension and Why Should I Care?


You live on Earth which has chosen to move into a higher platform of consciousness. Therefore, you must move into or work on moving into the fifth dimension.

All have been given choices such as moving into even higher dimensional frequencies for those who are ready to do so. For those not wanting to give up their attachments to third dimension, they will be in a third dimensional frequency to live out their lives.

radiating lines


To understand the fifth dimension, let’s first look at the third and what it represents. Third dimension is one of duality and polarity. For example, we have seen good and bad, chaos and peace, rich and poor as well as freedom and control over others. Third dimension showed us what we no longer wanted.

The fifth dimension is what many of us have been asking for−a new way of being. While the main characteristics are spiritual growth, love and community, it also includes peace, joy, happiness and abundance for all. Many of these words will hold new meaning as earth moves into the higher vibrations; these terms will be covered in more detail in future blogs.

When you decide to move into the higher levels of consciousness, realize it is your own personal choice. You cannot take anything, including your baggage, with you from the third dimension.


Yes. The fourth dimension is a platform from which one may observe without emotion in order to make better decisions. When emotionally caught up in the situation, the decision is reactionary rather than rational. As an observer, it is easy to make better choices.


We are moving through the fourth and into the fifth dimension. Other planets in our universe are waiting on us to move first. If earth does not move forward, then neither can they. This is why we are getting so much help. Third dimension is the lowest platform in our universe. We are in the process of clearing the emotional body in order to move forward.


Yes. The dimensions above the fifth have more subtle changes. We do not drop the body until the ninth dimension. One can only speculate how many dimensions exist. I have heard various numbers from others and that new dimensions are being created.


What is a Dimension?

geometric abstract


‘Dimension’ references a level of vibrational frequency of energy. All of us are made of energy. If you place your hands in front of you with your palms facing each other and slowly move your hands further apart and then closer together, you will feel energy between them, especially as you move them closer together.

Words spoken carry vibrations from your voice box. When someone is complaining or saying unsupportive statements, you do not want to be around the person. An individual making positive statements draws people because of the higher vibrations of the words or the individual’s energy.


The word ‘strata’ refers to a horizontal layer of matter. In this case, it is a layer of human consciousness, meaning as humans there are different levels or layers of being conscious; conscious of who we really are or are becoming.


As humans, the word ‘platform’ may bring the thought of a stage which is a raised horizontal surface. When referring to dimension as a platform, there are no physical supports as such holding up the platform. It just exists at a certain level of energy.

At the lower dimensions the energy moves slower than at higher frequencies where it spins faster. Energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be changed. The Earth has been a third dimensional planet which is the lowest planetary vibration in our universe. However, individuals on Earth are working on different vibrational frequencies than third at this time.

This writing resulted from a spiritual meet up where I was asked to explain what was currently occurring in the world. Someone asked me to explain the term ‘dimension’. At first it surprised me. Then I remembered the beginning of my spiritual journey and how overwhelmed I felt with what was being said and the terminology being used.

I hope this helps you understand the term ‘dimension’, which is sometimes also referred to a plane. It certainly helped me step back and think about how the concepts need to be explained in different ways since many think and learn in various ways.

Many definitions will change. They will be covered in future posts.