What is a Dimension?

geometric abstract


‘Dimension’ references a level of vibrational frequency of energy. All of us are made of energy. If you place your hands in front of you with your palms facing each other and slowly move your hands further apart and then closer together, you will feel energy between them, especially as you move them closer together.

Words spoken carry vibrations from your voice box. When someone is complaining or saying unsupportive statements, you do not want to be around the person. An individual making positive statements draws people because of the higher vibrations of the words or the individual’s energy.


The word ‘strata’ refers to a horizontal layer of matter. In this case, it is a layer of human consciousness, meaning as humans there are different levels or layers of being conscious; conscious of who we really are or are becoming.


As humans, the word ‘platform’ may bring the thought of a stage which is a raised horizontal surface. When referring to dimension as a platform, there are no physical supports as such holding up the platform. It just exists at a certain level of energy.

At the lower dimensions the energy moves slower than at higher frequencies where it spins faster. Energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be changed. The Earth has been a third dimensional planet which is the lowest planetary vibration in our universe. However, individuals on Earth are working on different vibrational frequencies than third at this time.

This writing resulted from a spiritual meet up where I was asked to explain what was currently occurring in the world. Someone asked me to explain the term ‘dimension’. At first it surprised me. Then I remembered the beginning of my spiritual journey and how overwhelmed I felt with what was being said and the terminology being used.

I hope this helps you understand the term ‘dimension’, which is sometimes also referred to a plane. It certainly helped me step back and think about how the concepts need to be explained in different ways since many think and learn in various ways.

Many definitions will change. They will be covered in future posts.


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