What is the Fifth Dimension and Why Should I Care?


You live on Earth which has chosen to move into a higher platform of consciousness. Therefore, you must move into or work on moving into the fifth dimension.

All have been given choices such as moving into even higher dimensional frequencies for those who are ready to do so. For those not wanting to give up their attachments to third dimension, they will be in a third dimensional frequency to live out their lives.

radiating lines


To understand the fifth dimension, let’s first look at the third and what it represents. Third dimension is one of duality and polarity. For example, we have seen good and bad, chaos and peace, rich and poor as well as freedom and control over others. Third dimension showed us what we no longer wanted.

The fifth dimension is what many of us have been asking for−a new way of being. While the main characteristics are spiritual growth, love and community, it also includes peace, joy, happiness and abundance for all. Many of these words will hold new meaning as earth moves into the higher vibrations; these terms will be covered in more detail in future blogs.

When you decide to move into the higher levels of consciousness, realize it is your own personal choice. You cannot take anything, including your baggage, with you from the third dimension.


Yes. The fourth dimension is a platform from which one may observe without emotion in order to make better decisions. When emotionally caught up in the situation, the decision is reactionary rather than rational. As an observer, it is easy to make better choices.


We are moving through the fourth and into the fifth dimension. Other planets in our universe are waiting on us to move first. If earth does not move forward, then neither can they. This is why we are getting so much help. Third dimension is the lowest platform in our universe. We are in the process of clearing the emotional body in order to move forward.


Yes. The dimensions above the fifth have more subtle changes. We do not drop the body until the ninth dimension. One can only speculate how many dimensions exist. I have heard various numbers from others and that new dimensions are being created.



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