Am I on my Path?



This is a question most heard from those considered to be starting their spiritual path. If you are alive and breathing, you are on your path. It may not feel very spiritual at times, but it is your path.

Each of us determine with the aid of our guides what we want and need to learn within a lifetime before entering the Earth. We pass through a veil of forgetfulness as we come into life. As we are taught the ways of the world, we move from our focus of the inner world to our outer world. As we live concerned about our daily, worldly lives, we may have glimpses of memories from the other side or even past lifetimes. Sometimes it feels like déjà vu which may mean pay attention to this or you remember it from the overview of your life before entering the world.

You have free will and free choice on Earth which means you can work on your lessons and path or choose not to. Your lessons are always there for you to learn. You have guides and others who assist you. While you have chosen certain lessons to work on, you may change the way you choose to learn them. There are also side roads that may be taken for whatever reason; perhaps to see something from a different perspective.


Each individual is different. We learn in different ways and have different beliefs. While there may be many paths, they all lead to the same destination−home. Even Jesus said he was leaving to prepare a room for us in his Father’s house. To me, this means there are many paths of belief. It is always given to you according to your belief. When others try to convince me their way is the only way, it makes me think they are questioning their beliefs.


If you are on your path, you will find yourself being drawn to certain things. Follow your hunches and the signs along the way; be open to how you receive them. The Universe is very creative and functions in a different way than expected. I often get a lot of laughs and see synchronicity at work.

Your path may not always be a smooth road. There will be challenges and maybe even side roads taken. It is the challenges that help make us who we are. Ask that your lessons be gentle and easy. If you are really struggling with something, ask what is the lesson I need to learn and what is the easiest way to learn.


Love; the path of least resistance. This could be a book in itself. It is a way of life and a tool for so many uses. While my upcoming blog posts will cover love and the path of love, words cannot describe the power of love; one must experience it. Once you experience it and think you understand it, another layer or level opens to you. There are many levels and layers of love to be discovered along life’s route.




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