Loving Yourself


Love is a high vibratory frequency of energy that increases as you continue to work with it and in it. It is a force field stronger than any other bond and can be given to loved ones through grace. It is also the frequency that emanates from God as an extension of God.

The key to universal creation is love creates more love; everything must be done with love. If you do not have it within you, then you cannot give it to another. The other person allows you to feel the love you have within for yourself. Love brings out the best in a person. People do not fall out of love. Sometimes whatever the person came to assist you with, or vice versa, is done and it may be time to move on separately.



There are empaths, sensitives and others who have rarely felt love; some only for a brief moment in time. To experience it, think of a time in your life you did feel love. This could be love for a parent, child, spouse, sibling, friend or pet. Hold that feeling of love as long as you can. Practice this several times throughout the day as you hold the energy for an increasing period of time. Continue this exercise until you can experience the energy without the memory of the situation. Then keep practicing holding the energy longer so you can do so immediately when needed.

The love for others is accepting them just as they are. All of us are different with unique qualities and have a different purpose in life. All are equal and all are loved. All want the same thing−to live in peace and to enjoy life.

Love will assist you into the fifth dimension if you love yourself unconditionally just as you are. That is the power of love. Love can be sent to another or be given freely to others. When you know the essence and power of love, there is nothing that can overcome it. Prime Source loves you just as you are. This is the unconditional love of Prime Source, the highest love of all.

Love moves you to a higher plane. Love yourself unconditionally just as you are. Remind yourself throughout the day. Love means you accept yourself as you are; even what you perceive as flaws.


Loving yourself unconditionally, just as you are, can assist you moving into the fifth dimension. Remind yourself of your love throughout the day. How do I know if I love myself unconditionally just as I am? Can you stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself, “I love you just as you are” without being upset with what you think are flaws? If not, stand in front of the mirror and start telling each flaw you love it on a daily basis. You might want to start with one flaw and do this exercise until you notice the shift. Then work on the next perceived flaw. You may be surprised with how you feel and see yourself differently.

God sees you as the perfect child of love and wishes only the best of everything. All deserve the best of everything.


When you practice love for yourself and extend love to others, then those who do not know what is happening will be more aware as they observe you. Love, like laughter, is contagious. Spread the word and energy. Assist yourself first by choosing to shift and allowing others to make their choice. When you live life as you want it to be, then others will notice, perhaps ask questions and follow your lead.

Love is the universal language and the easiest path.

The next few blogs will cover love across the dimensions and give you an idea of its power.




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