Inexpensive Acts of Love/Kindness (part 2)

Whether one calls it ‘paying it forward’ or an anonymous act, to me these are all acts of love. Hold the feeling of love in your heart. Then use it when you can. These are just a few more suggestions.


Saying “good morning” with a smile to a stranger on your morning walk.



Paying for the movies for the family or individual behind you at the dollar show.



Giving a coupon or gift card to another in the store who could use it more than you.



Saying something positive or giving a smile to the cashier who obviously had a bad day.



As a waiter or waitress, address a woman as ‘miss’ instead of ‘ma’am’. You might even get a better tip.



Honoring a country that respects elders or those having physical challenges by putting them first in a long line at the airport, at banks and other businesses.



Allowing someone else to win because you can, sharing the prize with someone else or giving information to help another even when it means more competition for you.


snow-417187_1280 (1).jpg

Showing up with a snowplow after a storm when a neighbor lost her husband or is sick.



When you are feeling down or having a bad day, do something for someone else. It can be a flower, a card with a smiley face, a positive statement to another or sharing something you have with another. No matter how bad your day is, someone else’s may be a lot worse. Doing something for someone else makes you feel better and it is good for your brain.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary




Inexpensive Acts of Love/Kindness

People question what they can do to make a difference; something that does not cost a lot. Here are some ideas that do not cost much other than a little time.



Being there for another during times of grief. This may include hugging another when a person needs it or holding another’s hand to comfort the individual when words are not enough. It may be listening to another who just needs someone to hold a space for them so they can sort things out.



Telling another “thank you” for making a difference in your life.



Embracing a stranger with a smile.



Helping another at the grocery store; such as one in a wheelchair, one struggling to get an item or asking your older neighbor if he or she needs anything from the store. Humming a tune as you walk can also lighten another’s day.



Offering to take someone to the doctor who cannot drive or is afraid to go alone.



Giving your seat to another when you see them struggle standing up.



Offering to feed one’s pet for a few days in an emergency.

These are only a few ways to express your love/kindness toward others. There are so many more. As we come together through the internet and via other means, perhaps we can also look around us in our daily lives and make a difference to a stranger, friend or neighbor. They may be part of your community in the future.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary


Acts of Love


We usually think acts of love involve doing something for another. Before one can give love to another, one must love oneself; you cannot give to another what you do not have for yourself. If you are a caretaker or an empath, it is even more important to care of yourself first. Here are some suggestions:


Taking time to just be and relax when needed.



Taking a bubble bath.



Turning the phone, television, and internet off to contemplate.



Treating yourself to a regular massage.



Buying flowers for yourself.



Challenging yourself to try something different or learn something new.



Laughing at yourself or something you did. This takes you into a higher vibration and a much better alternative to sadness or being down.



Cleaning things out and getting rid of the old. This also lightens up and expands your energy.


Helping another just because you can. This makes you and the other person feel better.



Being in nature. Take a walk, sit on a hillside or explore a new place away from your hectic life. Watch and listen to nature; it can teach you how to live and it also assists in clearing your negativity. It’s a great reset.



Letting your inner child play. Whether it is playing in the sand, painting or whatever else your inner child likes to do. Ask your inner child what he/she would enjoy doing with you.

When you show love for yourself through action on a regular basis, you may find that other areas of life flow more and life’s problems aren’t as big as they seem.

Wishing you love, joy and peace in your life, Mary


Love Is Across the Dimensions, part 3

Playing with the roseJPEG


You create within love and create more love through love. Love will carry you through to where you need to be in the moment. Give it your attention and intend to allow the love to flow and to work through you. It is a new way of being. It is the way of the Masters. It is their expanding love which permeates the atmosphere and calls to you to allow your love and light to come forward from your soul. It is their gift to you.

Be present. Create your world. Project your love from within and let it shine into your world again, giving others permission to do the same. Be the one you are looking for in your world. Only you can change your world. With common goals and agreements, the tides of life are changing to a much better world. It cannot happen overnight, but it will happen.

Through love and creation the soul chooses to express itself. It is because of the love for humanity that so much is being done. All things are possible with love.


Love is always the message and so much more than a message. It is a state of being and all one desires to experience. It is also a way to live your life and to be in a life, where all cares fall away and only love remains. Many already exist in a state of bliss; a strong and encompassing force where one wishes to reside while everything else falls away. This is not the fifth dimensional frequencies, but the state of bliss is accessible from there.

Love exists on all levels with each level offering a new aspect of love or way of being. In the fifth dimensional world, love is taken to a new level previously not experienced in third dimension. The new level is a place where one chooses to reside to create with the elementals. Love is all encompassing and offers a new way of being and creating by observing without the emotions and seeing the possibilities that present themselves. This enables one to make better decisions in the decision-making process.


We covered love for yourself and love for humanity being an even more powerful source. Then there is love for God. This is the highest force of love. Love for God is one of wanting to know the God within your universe. One must ask for this. God wants you to love Him or Her, and also wants you to experience God’s love for you. It is a love that exceeds all others. It is beyond words. It is beyond anything one could imagine. It is a strength that you know. It is a power that exceeds all others.


Love does not fall along the wayside or leave you. It is always there waiting for your return when you are no longer in the moment. Allow yourself to choose to be in that place of love. Archangel Michael

I hope you enjoyed this mini series on love. Future blogs will cover the new definitions for such words as community, success, abundance, etc.