Acts of Love


We usually think acts of love involve doing something for another. Before one can give love to another, one must love oneself; you cannot give to another what you do not have for yourself. If you are a caretaker or an empath, it is even more important to care of yourself first. Here are some suggestions:


Taking time to just be and relax when needed.



Taking a bubble bath.



Turning the phone, television, and internet off to contemplate.



Treating yourself to a regular massage.



Buying flowers for yourself.



Challenging yourself to try something different or learn something new.



Laughing at yourself or something you did. This takes you into a higher vibration and a much better alternative to sadness or being down.



Cleaning things out and getting rid of the old. This also lightens up and expands your energy.


Helping another just because you can. This makes you and the other person feel better.



Being in nature. Take a walk, sit on a hillside or explore a new place away from your hectic life. Watch and listen to nature; it can teach you how to live and it also assists in clearing your negativity. It’s a great reset.



Letting your inner child play. Whether it is playing in the sand, painting or whatever else your inner child likes to do. Ask your inner child what he/she would enjoy doing with you.

When you show love for yourself through action on a regular basis, you may find that other areas of life flow more and life’s problems aren’t as big as they seem.

Wishing you love, joy and peace in your life, Mary



One thought on “Acts of Love

  1. I already do a number of these activities but love seeing all the different suggestions! Self love and self care is so important in this day and age. Thanks for the info, Mary, I’ll see what else can be added into my life!


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