Inexpensive Acts of Love/Kindness (part 2)

Whether one calls it ‘paying it forward’ or an anonymous act, to me these are all acts of love. Hold the feeling of love in your heart. Then use it when you can. These are just a few more suggestions.


Saying “good morning” with a smile to a stranger on your morning walk.



Paying for the movies for the family or individual behind you at the dollar show.



Giving a coupon or gift card to another in the store who could use it more than you.



Saying something positive or giving a smile to the cashier who obviously had a bad day.



As a waiter or waitress, address a woman as ‘miss’ instead of ‘ma’am’. You might even get a better tip.



Honoring a country that respects elders or those having physical challenges by putting them first in a long line at the airport, at banks and other businesses.



Allowing someone else to win because you can, sharing the prize with someone else or giving information to help another even when it means more competition for you.


snow-417187_1280 (1).jpg

Showing up with a snowplow after a storm when a neighbor lost her husband or is sick.



When you are feeling down or having a bad day, do something for someone else. It can be a flower, a card with a smiley face, a positive statement to another or sharing something you have with another. No matter how bad your day is, someone else’s may be a lot worse. Doing something for someone else makes you feel better and it is good for your brain.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary




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