The Gift of the Season



There is much going on with Earth and its people who are in the midst of the holiday season and the aftermath of elections. This is a chaotic time of year; getting ready to celebrate the various holidays, preparing to be with family and friends and purchasing gifts for one another.

Today, take some time and remember the true meaning of the holidays. It is not about shopping for things, even though stores have extended sales over several days for convenience and increased sales. It is still about the true meaning of Christmas or whatever  holiday you choose to honor.

It is time to celebrate. How do you celebrate and what is it you truly celebrate? Does it really matter if your children get the newest phone with all the new features or not? Where are their hearts? Where do they place their attention? The true celebration is the celebration of being, of being who you are and being in the moment.

Go out into nature. Observe how she chooses to spend this time of year. Nature is at rest; at peace. She goes within with her energy, drawing her attention inward and taking the time to rest and renew herself. With all the hustle and bustle of the season, are you taking the time to go within and renew yourself?



People set aside this time of the year to give things and to celebrate. This season, make the time to give thanks on a daily basis. Create a regular practice of gratitude. Take the time to go within and be grateful for each person in your life. What have you learned from each of them? How have they improved your life? These are the gifts we give to each other. What you purchase for another is not as important as the lasting gifts given to you by another and those given in return from you.

What gifts do you give them? How have you changed each of their lives? Monetary gifts are given too much importance. The gifts that come from the heart are what really count.


There was a time, Mary, you also remember so well that it still brings tears to your heart. It was Valentine’s Day and your husband had just gotten out of the hospital. On the way home, you stopped to walk the beach to cheer him up. Tom was upset he had not purchased anything for you. As he looked down, he stopped to pick up a very small stone in the shape of a heart. It is still in your possession today.


A similar situation happened at Christmas time. Your husband begged the doctors to be home for Christmas. Finally, on Christmas Eve he was released from a Denver hospital around 6 p.m. There was no time to shop and not much had been prepared for the holidays. The gift you gave each other was the gift of love, being together at home on Christmas day. Nothing else mattered.

These are examples of the gifts you give each other. Money cannot buy these things. Take the time to tell each other what they mean to you, the importance they have played in your life and how you are so much better off because of the individual being in your life. Celebrate the moment and be grateful for what you do have. There may be times that this becomes more important than buying something. Be with your loved ones during these times and share the gift of each of them being a part of your life.

Archangels Michael, Raphael and Michael and Sri Yukteswar

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary



Giving Thanks



Much is occurring on your planet at this time. It is a time of what may be seen as upheaval and chaos. Many worry about the weather and its causes; others are concerned if there will be enough money to live on or about losing their job. Too many worry about their daily needs. Set aside these worries for that is all they are. Know that God always provides.

What the nation and the world need now are many things in the eyes of the people. Some feel it is a better leader; whether it be a republican or democrat does not matter. People look for a leader to guide them during these troubling times.

Perhaps individuals are looking in all the wrong places to solve what they consider the real problems in the world. Where are the leaders who will show the way? They are all within us. It is time to step forward and say no more of this or that. It is time to return to your ways; the ways that made each of you great individuals. It is time for each of you to find what is right; what is in the best interest for all instead of a few. It is time to remember who you are. You are the ones you seek.

Each of you holds a piece of the puzzle within you. It is the piece needed to be played to bring the world back into order. It is the balance of the male and female within you. It is one of a balance within that allows a person to bring that balance and peace into the outer world. It is time to bring joy and harmony back into yourselves and to others. Joy and peace come from within; it is a gift you give yourself. When there are enough who hold and radiate the joy and peace within, then it will extend into the outer world. When there is joy, peace, harmony and the desire to hold that within yourselves, then others also choose more readily to hold the same.



It is time people change their focus to what they truly desire and wish to manifest. Humans have been used to worry and fear. Worry is an aspect of the fear which is a lower vibration in frequency. How can peace and love prevail in a world of lower vibratory frequency? As the United States moves into its holiday season as other nations will too, then why not celebrate what you do have? Make the time to be thankful on the day set aside for giving thanks. Give the gift of love this season. It goes with everything.

For many, this day is just a time to connect with family. Perhaps you are one who does not look forward to being with grumpy grandpa or arguing Allen. How about setting the mood ahead of time. Before going to relatives who have been frantically preparing for the meal and gathering, how about creating your own perfect day. One way to do this is to take some time to sit quietly, whether in meditation, prayer, contemplation or whatever you may choose to call it. As you sit, focus on your heart and feel the comfort and love within. Once there, create your perfect day of gathering with family.

You might wish to fill the room or home with a calming color of blue. Once that settles in, see or intend to see each family member individually and send them your heart-felt love. You can even send your love before you to fill the home. See grumpy grandpa as the great grandfather you always wanted him to be or arguing Allen as accepting and agreeable Allen. Send each relative the love you wish for them to have and be. Create in your mind what you wish to have in your life. How do you want it to play out?



Once you have created your best case scenario and sent each of them love, then prepare yourself. Hold the love you have for each person as you greet them. You might choose to write out a message of gratitude to each person and ask the angels to deliver it to the individual’s soul, telling each person the importance they played in your life and how they affected you in a positive way. Remember, you chose your family for a reason. What did you learn from them? Pick one or two items from your written letter to thank each in person at the gathering.

Step beyond all the problems and choose to give thanks for those who have helped to make you who you are today. Maybe grumpy grandpa used to take you camping and gave you a love for nature and an escape from life’s problems. Thank him for how he affected your life. Perhaps arguing Allen helped you to see different sides of a situation and to look deeper to the motivation behind how individuals react or act to various events.

All of you have something to be thankful for this day. Sit in giving thanks for yourself and for your source. Be thankful that you are here at this time to make a difference in the world; for yourself, for others who came before you to make you who you are today, for those who will come after you and for a better world that you choose to leave for them. Know that you create your world and all that is within it. If you do not like what you see, change it within first and your outer world will reflect the change.


Thank you for being; thank you for being who you are and who you came to be. We honor each and every one of you on this day and thank God for each of you.

Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel and Sri Yukteswar

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary



Abundance versus Wealth


Many individuals are anxious to be in higher dimensions because of abundance, thinking that they can automatically manifest something in front of them. This is true to an extent. Along with it comes responsibility for your creations, learning the universal laws that apply and how to properly use them.

Webster’s Dictionary describes abundance as “a great supply; more than enough”. Often abundance is correlated with wealth which references the connection to money.


Money is something we use as a medium of exchange making it easier to trade two or more items of unequal value. Throughout history, money has been represented by shells, gold and silver, pearls, notes. etc. In today’s life we also see the budding of crypto currencies. The point is what we use for money is perceived to have value only if others accept it.

Bartering, the exchange of one item for another, has also existed and will continue to exist as long as one person is willing to trade an item for another with a second individual or even in a three-way trade.

Money used to be backed by gold. In the United States, the government has d

eclared the dollar our legal tender, meaning people in our country must accept it as a medium of exchange. It is backed by the belief that others will accept it in exchange for something you want or need. There is a shift by government, banks and corporations moving toward a digital money.


Wealth can come and go. A self-made millionaire friend from college always said if he lost everything he could always do it again and never worried about the money. Another very wealthy individual was concerned that people were after her for her money and questioned when enough money was enough for her. These are just some of the thoughts expressed by others with money.


Abundance is different. It refers to always having what you need or want. For example, in community, those who have what you need will supply it for you when it is needed. In return, you do the same for others. So what is needed by one is supplied by others until you can learn to manifest it for yourself. How you manifested in the third dimensional world will change as Earth continues to move into higher dimensions. In general, you will find what works one day for you may not be so tomorrow.

Wishing you Love in all that you do,




Love and Creation



Third dimension is gone and we are in the shift moving more fully into the fourth dimension. On the higher levels, love is more powerful and an important element to creation.

In the state of love, creation and possibilities open to new realms of thinking, doing, and being. It offers one the possibilities of new potentials and ideas, and a direction to the next step. It is unlimited and opens doors previously closed to thought. In the fifth dimension, the doors now have access.

Potentials are limited only to your beliefs. If you can think it, then it can be created. Do not let your limits determine your capability. Open to the thought as being interesting and ask, “How do we do it?” Breathe and relax. Ask yourself the question before entering the sleep state or spend time contemplating the idea. Then step aside and be open to the possibilities. The answer is where the question is asked. Sit and be still without thought when you ask your question. Allow the answer to come to you. To listen to the answer, you must be still and quiet the mind. With the practice of intention, it will come naturally. This is how one creates within a state of love and allows the flow.



All of you are creators. It is your way of life and heritage. Your creations are your children, for they came from you and are birthed by you to enjoy. These are the things to celebrate in your lives along with each step you take to come one step closer to the completion of your finished gift. It is the gift you give yourselves and the gift you offer unto others for their benefit to enjoy also. Joy should be shared with others and celebrated with and by others. It is the joy of life you celebrate in your creations. It is the joy of being alive and the ability to create that is also honored with each creation.

Life should be a celebration. Each day is a creation by you and for you. It is a gift you give yourself. Gifts should be received and cherished, honored and celebrated. In the now, all can be loved and celebrated. Now is a present you give yourselves to enjoy and to create within. It is a time without time, where all is there for you to enjoy. It is a state of awareness and a place where you may observe, make better decisions, and act.



It is His handiwork that is extended to all, allowing each person to create. In love and with love your creations exist. All of you are a part of God. You are His children, and as children, you have inherited the image and the tools used for creation.

Creation comes in many different revelations. It can be thoughts of energy forces or thoughts of creation that are more earthy; such as pieces of art, which take individuals on an adventure of knowing themselves and learning about themselves. It is the art work that creates itself. The artist only reveals what is already there to be shown and chooses to come forth.

It is the artist who is taken on a journey of unraveling the path by which the art wishes to reveal itself. This is the way of any projects of creation. The unraveling is a path the creator is taken on, teaching the individual a new way of being. The artist does not always choose how the art will be revealed.

Life is this way also. You choose to work and to create in love. It is love that puts individuals on the journey, revealing new ways of being, doing and opening each one up to new potentials. There is no one way to create a piece of art. The artist asks ‘What if…?’ and decides what the result is to be. The journey may open new ways and thoughts, rearranging them in another direction. The end result may be something better than intended. The idea one starts with is not always the end result.


When you create in love, everything flows. Life is a flow. You use those energies to give life to creations. This is the new way, the new world all have been waiting for. This is the new adventure revisited you can choose to move into, a new way of being on Earth.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary