Success Redefined, part 1


Success does not show up on your doorstep. You must work for it.  Archangel Michael

Success is usually seen as accomplishing or achieving something such as fame or wealth. In the fifth dimension many things change, even some of our definitions. Here is an overall view of success and achievement in the fifth dimensional world Earth is rapidly becoming. If you do not know the difference between third, fourth or fifth dimension, refer to my previous blog entitled What is the Fifth Dimension and Why Should I care?

The Ripple Effect

Success has many levels and comes in many forms. For some people, it is in the small things in life such as giving a smile to another in a time of need and bringing that person out of troubled thoughts.

While a smile is a small gesture to the giver, the receiver usually returns the smile. The soul also feels the lift, letting the receiver know someone cares. In this fast-paced life, people often forget to slow down and extend a hand or smile to another.

The benefit or gift of the smile is that it brings the individual back into the present where all things are possible. Love is in the details. Not only may it change the perspective of the receiver, it is one of the little things that creates a ripple effect to others.

I once gave a bonus point at the end of a test to those who wrote down a janitor’s name. The lesson was all jobs and people are important in one’s life. This is also true in the fifth dimension.

For a small child, success is having the opportunity to play with a parent who has too much on his/her mind. The little one knows what’s important and wants to feel and know the parent’s love and to express love. Play, love, affection and a connection on a level of joy is the child’s desire; the higher energy fields that bring the parent into the present.


Creating Your Career or Purpose

Your career may or may not be your purpose. Your purpose is what you agreed to do before entering this lifetime. It is what your soul wants you to do. This is different from your passion or career. For example, my career and passion is teaching; my purpose is to write which is what my soul chooses to experience.

By working within your passion, you can create new ways of thinking and maintain a balance in life. This allows one to live in a state of happiness. Success is not something that just happens. It is achieved. Achieved means one must work toward it. People who come in as prodigies are often masters of their talent from a previous life. Others must practice from where they left off with a talent.

Creating a Plan

One needs goals for direction and guidance and timelines to measure your progress. Goals give you an overall plan of how to proceed which is your guideline to success. Without it, you are letting life and others lead you down paths which may not flow. It will lead you perhaps to your goal, eventually; maybe not in this lifetime. This is the lifetime given to you to move forward quickly with ease and to awaken to your potential as creators with the universe, with nature and with the elements.

Make a list of what you would like to accomplish. These then become your goals. Start by breaking a goal into steps. If you don’t know how to approach it, ask your higher self what it wants you to do. You came with a purpose, so build your successes one step at a time and it will begin to flow. Keep the balance in your life which assists the flow.

Setting goals to create a career or just in general is only one level of success. Success is also the choice to move forward and to keep seeking, exploring, and opening to new ideas and ways of being. It is an expansion of energy into new territory, exploring new horizons previously unknown to mankind. It is a giant step forward and a step back to where you originated from. Success is an opportunity of coming full circle back to your source and to know it as if for the first time.

Achievement: Part of Success

Achievement may be following the steps along the way with each step being a celebration unto itself, having achieved and ready to move to the next step on your path. Each step revealed must be followed. The newness expands into other avenues as a place for you to open to new possibilities and ways of creating. Your work may proceed much differently from that of third dimension.

Success is being in the flow and allowing what shows up in life to guide you to your purpose which is also a time of celebration. Success is also achieved within this flow as an ongoing way of being. Things do not work or flow if you step out of the love.


Victory Verses Success

A victory is more like an achievement than success. When one accomplishes a goal such as graduating from school or college, it is a milestone in life as is marriage and the birth of a child. You may celebrate with family or friends. After that, where are your celebrations? Life is the gift. The celebration is in each moment of life, allowing you to be, to release, the opportunity to forgive and to celebrate the experience of knowing yourselves.

Part 2 will cover the levels of success.

If you are interested in setting goals or finding your passion or career, free materials are available to assist you on my website under downloads. Click below on my website.




Laughing Your Way to Happiness


What is Happiness?

This lifetime is about joy and happiness. How does one achieve happiness? Some people feel they will be happy when they have or own a particular item such as a house, a car, etc. or when they achieve something.

You do not need to achieve happiness; you are happiness. As a baby you knew happiness when you came into this life. It is a God-given right according to many. It is what you are when you are born. When you are born into your external world, you become more and more familiar with the outside world. Happiness becomes a choice; it is still within you and you can choose happiness or hang on to unsupportive feelings.

As a child, you find yourself laughing for no reason as you lie in the grass and watch the clouds go by. As years pass, you become ingrained into the outer world and its ways. Some individuals become so serious about life and their work that they almost don’t know how to laugh any more. Laughter is a natural reaction. When you find yourself becoming too serious, step back and look at the situation from a different perspective.


The Power of Laughter

Laughter can be many things. For some, it is a release of pent-up energy that wants to be removed. For others, it is a means of escape from what may be uncomfortable to them. Laughter is much more than this. It keeps one out of the stress that mounts up. Many are not aware that it also takes you to a higher vibration. It becomes a tool to remove you from the lower frequencies of energy, overriding and releasing unsupportive energies.

Some individuals find themselves laughing when so many unsupportive situations begin to occur in their life. Others may see a person’s laughter as shocking or offensive in serious situations. The thought might be that the person is ‘losing it’ so to speak. The person is using one of his or her tools to remove oneself from the current situation and place him or herself at a distance from the situation as if to say, “In the overall picture of things, this is not that important; I am giving it more energy than I should.”

So laughter is another tool to use, taking you to a better place than the stressful situation you currently face. While others find it strange, you will find it as a release of the stress or sadness that plagues one in the moment. Laughter is a natural reaction to balance an overload of energy in one of your bodies such as sadness in the emotional body.

Laughter is an important healing tool. When you are in a situation of lower energies and wish to raise the energy, laughter is one way. A u-tube video stuck in my memory was one of a man getting on a train. Moments into the ride he begins to laugh, somewhat subtly at first to attract the attention of those in close proximity. The laughter continues to slowly increase in volume until all on the rail car notice, looking at each other in wonder. Another individual begins to laugh as it becomes contagious. Finally, everyone is laughing as the volume increases.

The train stops; more people get on while others get off. Laughter now becomes short bursts from individuals and many are smiling or snickering as if holding the laughter back. The suited gentleman has left the rail car and is clearly seen moments later through the window on another train. Many in the first train car begin to snicker and laugh as they see the suited man directly across from them on the other train.

Put more laughter into your life and lighten up your path along the way for yourself, for those around you and for those who follow. Laughter is contagious. Spread it around.

Note: People are still working through old patterns and there is a lot of frustration and anger being acted out. Stay down when you can. If you are traveling, ask your guides or guardian angels to protect you as you travel. May your holidays be filled with love, joy, laughter and time well spent with friends and family.


Change Chaos to Celebration


Surviving Chaos

At this time, most people are feeling out of balance, stressed and caught up in the surrounding world’s chaos; wondering what they can do.

First of all, realize none of that occurring in the world is your stuff. Your energy ends with your aura which is about an arm’s length out all around you. If it is beyond that, your energy is scattered and focusing is difficult. Pull your energy into your auric space around you and anchor it in your heart. Everything outside of this area is not your stuff; see it as a play or movie you are watching or observing. Do not participate in it.

If you do not feel grounded, feeling airy fairy or not fully in the body, sit with your feet barefoot, if possible, and tell your feet to grow roots into the center of the earth. Next, breathe the energy of the earth up through the roots and your body to the top of your head and back down into the earth. An alternative is to breathe the energy up through your right foot to the top of your head and back down your left side and out your left foot into the earth a few times before reversing it up through your left foot and side and down the right side and foot. You should find yourself more grounded and present or focused than you were.

Being in nature, walking barefoot on grass or at the seashore are also relaxing. To help with the stress, take up one of the arts. Creating puts you on a higher road of focus. Currently popular coloring books can also relax you. Another alternative is to determine your purpose or gift to the world and develop it. Many are asking for assistance with this at the present time.


Celebration−Not Just the Event

Change your frustration to celebration as you unfold your gift or talent. Frustration comes in many forms. At this time of the year, the holiday season, maybe you are also trying to do too much. Unfortunately, many times we become caught up in the material side of the shopping and prepping for the celebration instead of experiencing the celebration each moment brings with it.

It is not the events that should only be celebrated, but the moments; every moment leading to the event or celebration. Each moment is a celebration of life which leads to what we ultimately see as the celebration.

If each moment were not present, then the celebration could not be. It is each and every moment that adds to that celebration, the event we feel occurs at a specific time. In reality, the celebration is each moment to the next that forms the event to be celebrated.

Writing books with the Archangels and Sri Yukteswar is an example. Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda’s guru, explains it as celebrating each step, each word as it is given to me as a precious gift which brings forth the celebration of life. For each word carries a vibration or frequency of light with it.

It is in the frequency of the light that gives the word meaning and energy. This is why we want you to appreciate each word, its frequency, and what is given as a gift. Do not try rushing through your writings to reach your goal of finishing the book. Rather, we wish to see you enjoying your writing journey, for it offers a new world to you, one moment at a time. This is also true of your paintings as they take you on a journey as each painting unfolds itself.

Allow it to unfold. Allow yourself to unfold like the flower that you are or as you have many times described it as the diamond that is gently being carved one facet at a time, revealing its light long suppressed from time and compressed from space. Allow the diamond to be revealed slowly so it may be enjoyed, one moment at a time, allowing you the revelation of its full beauty when completed and its full effect upon your soul and self.

The diamond and rose each took time to create. You need time to fully develop your creation also. Time is not a limited commodity. Yes, it is being compressed just as the diamond is hidden and compressed. It will unfold at the proper moment and reveal itself when you are ready to greet it as unlimited. For there is no lack in this world, only what one creates within their own world.


What is in Your Universe?

Look within and see what keeps you from celebrating the moment. What keeps you from being who you truly are? Help yourself unfold as the rose gently unfolds unto its true self or as the facets of the diamond are so slowly, gently revealed from the stone, its inner beauty craving to be created so it may also shine again. It is much like us as we find our inner light again after so many lifetimes in darkness. The light is within. Expand it and let it shine again, slowly revealing your gift to the world.

If you do not know what your gift or talent is or how to get started in your work, ask whomever you work with on the higher planes or Archangel Michael. To get started, ask for the first step or verification if unsure. Since we have free will and free choice, they cannot help unless you ask them to. Give yourself a gift by asking for assistance.

Wishing you love in all that you do,




What is Spirituality



Most definitions call it a philosophy that covers many perspectives. It usually includes a connection to something beyond us as humans and searches for answers to such questions as Who am I and Why am I here?

Questions and the many branches included in spirituality bring people from all backgrounds together in search for a higher meaning of life and its purpose. For some it is transcendence or to experience the relationship with family and community or to explore the magic and sacredness of nature.

Spirituality is usually thought of as an immaterial reality where one goes within for answers, to discover their own universe and/or to experience life in a different way where they find their own values and truths. Often times it leads one to different practices or paths. There are many paths; all leading to the same destination, Home.

People search for different reasons. It may be to know their God, to know what is truth or to know who they really are. It can also be for an understanding of why they are here on Earth. It might be to find their purpose or a direction to make their path easier by staying in the flow. Maybe there is an emptiness within or something missing or limiting one. Perhaps it is seeking peace and happiness or knowledge and adventure or helping humanity. Many search to remember who they are and to discover themselves again, only to find they were never lost.

While there is no one reason, spirituality is a vehicle for those who are looking for more than the material side of life. There are many branches to spirituality. Some pursue Zen, Buddhism, Yoga, New Age or some other organized form in seeking guidance and answers.


Spirituality and Religion

One does not have to follow a religion to be spiritual. I am often asked my religion and what religion are the masters I have worked with. I have experienced many religions, using what works for me and what I feel comfortable with or drawn to. I have also been blessed many times to have attended intensives with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Gurumayi.

Religions usually have rules, rituals, and a specific set of beliefs which usually involve a code of ethics. For me, the religions I participated in gave me a foundation as I found common threads such as the concept of love Jesus preached and the path he showed us. To me, spirituality is my own personal journey beyond religion, allowing me to explore and experiment with the teachings and to go straight to God when needed.


Spirituality and Metaphysics

The Greek prefix ‘meta’ means beyond. Added to the base word ‘physical’, meaning nature, it refers to the supernatural. Most definitions refer to it as a philosophy of abstract thought or a reality beyond the senses concerning the nature of our being. It seeks to understand the meaning of the universe through thought. It is based on speculative or abstract reasoning; studying the relationship between mind and nature.

In conclusion, spirituality is difficult to put into a set definition of one size fits all. Maybe that is part of the mystery of it. It is a philosophy which has many branches to it. Spirituality and metaphysics often intertwine while religion follows a specific set of rules, rituals and beliefs with a code of ethics.

Hope this gave you some clarity,



Love Extended



Now we turn again to a different topic. It is one of love as always but with a different twist. Statements referencing love as all there is refer to your only need being love. It will assist you into the fifth dimension if you love yourself unconditionally just as you are. That is the power of love. It also extends beyond that. Love can be sent to another or be given freely to others. This does not mean a third dimensional love where one extends their love to another through vows or telling another you love the person.

Love goes beyond that. When you know the essence and power of love, there is nothing that can overcome it. Love emanates from Prime Source as unconditional love. This means no matter what you do, Prime Source loves you. He/She may not love what you do but does love you no matter what you do. That does not mean killing others and doing horrendous things are right or wrong. What it means is simply you are loved just as you are. This is the unconditional love of Prime Source, the highest love that is.

Some might ask how can God love those who kill and plunder others? All are his children. Does a parent not love his or her child in spite of what the child does? It does not mean something is right or wrong. Judgment exists as a third dimensional aspect. There is no right or wrong in the higher planes; everything just is. This does not mean you can do anything you want without consequences. There are universal laws that prevail and that is not what this writing is about.



These writings are a manual on how to live in the present moment, the now. The present moment is a gift you give yourself; a gift that offers so much since all things exist in the now. The past no longer exists and the future has not been written yet. The future is written from what you choose in the present moment. It is a gift because at any time you can change the future in the present.

If you continue to do the same things you have always done, then you will run a loop of repeating the past in various ways. Not much changes. This is what you call the third dimension. Until you change what you do not want, the loop replays itself with similar archetypes of victim, warrior, etc. with unhappiness.

Love moves you to a higher plane. Love yourself unconditionally just as you are. Remind yourself throughout the day. This does not mean you are vain. It means you accept yourself as you are; even what you perceive as flaws. You are all perfect in His eyes. God sees you as the perfect child of love. You are wished only the best of everything. All deserve the best of everything; not just a few. God sees you as perfect and holds the love and light that you are.

There are no two individuals just alike even though you may find others throughout life who look like you. You were created for a purpose. In this lifetime you are to find your purpose and to be who you came to be; the one you have always been and forgotten.



You are beginning to remember who you are in bits and pieces. Stories passed down through generations tell of the great ones who came before you. You were a part of them. History repeats itself. While there never is another just like you, a part of you returns to accomplish what needs to be done. It is through love that one returns to do the work. Through love you follow your journey from the unknown back into the known; at least what was once known. There are records in the Hall of Records that are accessible through love and intention.

Many of you have seen or even visited your past; at least the part of the past lives pertaining to your present life. The part shown to you is usually a part of what you must overcome in this life. It is one of the reasons you are on the earth; to change or make up for something that happened in a past life. You may even see glimpses of lifetimes past showing you how to do something such as walking through the turmoil of this time period as you did at other times.

This is all given to you in love, love for you in assisting with what you need to do. It is with love that choices are given to you. Your civilization has lived in the third dimension of rules on how things are to be done. It is time to change it by making better choices. Those choices are given to you in love. Accept them in love and follow your path of love wherever it takes you. Look within and allow yourself to be the love that you are.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary