Change Chaos to Celebration


Surviving Chaos

At this time, most people are feeling out of balance, stressed and caught up in the surrounding world’s chaos; wondering what they can do.

First of all, realize none of that occurring in the world is your stuff. Your energy ends with your aura which is about an arm’s length out all around you. If it is beyond that, your energy is scattered and focusing is difficult. Pull your energy into your auric space around you and anchor it in your heart. Everything outside of this area is not your stuff; see it as a play or movie you are watching or observing. Do not participate in it.

If you do not feel grounded, feeling airy fairy or not fully in the body, sit with your feet barefoot, if possible, and tell your feet to grow roots into the center of the earth. Next, breathe the energy of the earth up through the roots and your body to the top of your head and back down into the earth. An alternative is to breathe the energy up through your right foot to the top of your head and back down your left side and out your left foot into the earth a few times before reversing it up through your left foot and side and down the right side and foot. You should find yourself more grounded and present or focused than you were.

Being in nature, walking barefoot on grass or at the seashore are also relaxing. To help with the stress, take up one of the arts. Creating puts you on a higher road of focus. Currently popular coloring books can also relax you. Another alternative is to determine your purpose or gift to the world and develop it. Many are asking for assistance with this at the present time.


Celebration−Not Just the Event

Change your frustration to celebration as you unfold your gift or talent. Frustration comes in many forms. At this time of the year, the holiday season, maybe you are also trying to do too much. Unfortunately, many times we become caught up in the material side of the shopping and prepping for the celebration instead of experiencing the celebration each moment brings with it.

It is not the events that should only be celebrated, but the moments; every moment leading to the event or celebration. Each moment is a celebration of life which leads to what we ultimately see as the celebration.

If each moment were not present, then the celebration could not be. It is each and every moment that adds to that celebration, the event we feel occurs at a specific time. In reality, the celebration is each moment to the next that forms the event to be celebrated.

Writing books with the Archangels and Sri Yukteswar is an example. Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda’s guru, explains it as celebrating each step, each word as it is given to me as a precious gift which brings forth the celebration of life. For each word carries a vibration or frequency of light with it.

It is in the frequency of the light that gives the word meaning and energy. This is why we want you to appreciate each word, its frequency, and what is given as a gift. Do not try rushing through your writings to reach your goal of finishing the book. Rather, we wish to see you enjoying your writing journey, for it offers a new world to you, one moment at a time. This is also true of your paintings as they take you on a journey as each painting unfolds itself.

Allow it to unfold. Allow yourself to unfold like the flower that you are or as you have many times described it as the diamond that is gently being carved one facet at a time, revealing its light long suppressed from time and compressed from space. Allow the diamond to be revealed slowly so it may be enjoyed, one moment at a time, allowing you the revelation of its full beauty when completed and its full effect upon your soul and self.

The diamond and rose each took time to create. You need time to fully develop your creation also. Time is not a limited commodity. Yes, it is being compressed just as the diamond is hidden and compressed. It will unfold at the proper moment and reveal itself when you are ready to greet it as unlimited. For there is no lack in this world, only what one creates within their own world.


What is in Your Universe?

Look within and see what keeps you from celebrating the moment. What keeps you from being who you truly are? Help yourself unfold as the rose gently unfolds unto its true self or as the facets of the diamond are so slowly, gently revealed from the stone, its inner beauty craving to be created so it may also shine again. It is much like us as we find our inner light again after so many lifetimes in darkness. The light is within. Expand it and let it shine again, slowly revealing your gift to the world.

If you do not know what your gift or talent is or how to get started in your work, ask whomever you work with on the higher planes or Archangel Michael. To get started, ask for the first step or verification if unsure. Since we have free will and free choice, they cannot help unless you ask them to. Give yourself a gift by asking for assistance.

Wishing you love in all that you do,





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