Success Redefined, part 1


Success does not show up on your doorstep. You must work for it.  Archangel Michael

Success is usually seen as accomplishing or achieving something such as fame or wealth. In the fifth dimension many things change, even some of our definitions. Here is an overall view of success and achievement in the fifth dimensional world Earth is rapidly becoming. If you do not know the difference between third, fourth or fifth dimension, refer to my previous blog entitled What is the Fifth Dimension and Why Should I care?

The Ripple Effect

Success has many levels and comes in many forms. For some people, it is in the small things in life such as giving a smile to another in a time of need and bringing that person out of troubled thoughts.

While a smile is a small gesture to the giver, the receiver usually returns the smile. The soul also feels the lift, letting the receiver know someone cares. In this fast-paced life, people often forget to slow down and extend a hand or smile to another.

The benefit or gift of the smile is that it brings the individual back into the present where all things are possible. Love is in the details. Not only may it change the perspective of the receiver, it is one of the little things that creates a ripple effect to others.

I once gave a bonus point at the end of a test to those who wrote down a janitor’s name. The lesson was all jobs and people are important in one’s life. This is also true in the fifth dimension.

For a small child, success is having the opportunity to play with a parent who has too much on his/her mind. The little one knows what’s important and wants to feel and know the parent’s love and to express love. Play, love, affection and a connection on a level of joy is the child’s desire; the higher energy fields that bring the parent into the present.


Creating Your Career or Purpose

Your career may or may not be your purpose. Your purpose is what you agreed to do before entering this lifetime. It is what your soul wants you to do. This is different from your passion or career. For example, my career and passion is teaching; my purpose is to write which is what my soul chooses to experience.

By working within your passion, you can create new ways of thinking and maintain a balance in life. This allows one to live in a state of happiness. Success is not something that just happens. It is achieved. Achieved means one must work toward it. People who come in as prodigies are often masters of their talent from a previous life. Others must practice from where they left off with a talent.

Creating a Plan

One needs goals for direction and guidance and timelines to measure your progress. Goals give you an overall plan of how to proceed which is your guideline to success. Without it, you are letting life and others lead you down paths which may not flow. It will lead you perhaps to your goal, eventually; maybe not in this lifetime. This is the lifetime given to you to move forward quickly with ease and to awaken to your potential as creators with the universe, with nature and with the elements.

Make a list of what you would like to accomplish. These then become your goals. Start by breaking a goal into steps. If you don’t know how to approach it, ask your higher self what it wants you to do. You came with a purpose, so build your successes one step at a time and it will begin to flow. Keep the balance in your life which assists the flow.

Setting goals to create a career or just in general is only one level of success. Success is also the choice to move forward and to keep seeking, exploring, and opening to new ideas and ways of being. It is an expansion of energy into new territory, exploring new horizons previously unknown to mankind. It is a giant step forward and a step back to where you originated from. Success is an opportunity of coming full circle back to your source and to know it as if for the first time.

Achievement: Part of Success

Achievement may be following the steps along the way with each step being a celebration unto itself, having achieved and ready to move to the next step on your path. Each step revealed must be followed. The newness expands into other avenues as a place for you to open to new possibilities and ways of creating. Your work may proceed much differently from that of third dimension.

Success is being in the flow and allowing what shows up in life to guide you to your purpose which is also a time of celebration. Success is also achieved within this flow as an ongoing way of being. Things do not work or flow if you step out of the love.


Victory Verses Success

A victory is more like an achievement than success. When one accomplishes a goal such as graduating from school or college, it is a milestone in life as is marriage and the birth of a child. You may celebrate with family or friends. After that, where are your celebrations? Life is the gift. The celebration is in each moment of life, allowing you to be, to release, the opportunity to forgive and to celebrate the experience of knowing yourselves.

Part 2 will cover the levels of success.

If you are interested in setting goals or finding your passion or career, free materials are available to assist you on my website under downloads. Click below on my website.




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