Success Redefined, part 2


Levels of Success

  1. Working in Community

Community is working in cooperation and harmony with others. It is the bringing together of ideas and thoughts and to build what is needed for the community to function as a whole. It is working together for the benefit of all, but not to the detriment of any. It must be cooperative in all respects to each member of the community. Each member plays an important part for the betterment of the community. Community and cooperation must be involved in your success.

The world is a community unto itself. Its members must work together to achieve and be successful. When one is successful, all can more readily step into their success. Choose it to be that easy. When one becomes the all, extending his or her success to others around him or her, that is success. It is a synchronicity where all things flow and work together for the highest good of all. There is a sharing of talents, skills and energy to assist each other in being and doing their best.

  1. Being in the Flow

It is a way of being, being in the flow and allowing it to take you wherever it is you are to be. It is allowing yourself the opportunity to open unto what is available to you. Success is tapping into the universal mind and allowing yourself to flow with it. It is available to all who seek it. You must seek it first by allowing yourself the gifts of love, joy and peace in your life. Allow yourself to receive it openly and willingly. All are given access.

Success is a flow that one steps into and allows himself or herself to move with, just as the ocean moves. Once in the flow, things come easier, smoother, and quicker as one continues in the flow of the universal mind; allowing you to move with it as it takes you on the journey of your life.

Connecting with Your True Essence

Success is connecting with your true essence, your higher self, and flowing with the wisdom that enters you. For an artist, it moves through you as if something is taking over your painting. It feels as if the painting is creating itself. You know where to place the brush as it dances around the canvas to create a balance. When speaking, it may be the perfect answer that comes out of nowhere. It is a knowingness that takes over as if some part of you already knows what is needed as a response to a question or comment.

  1. Allowing Ego to Step Aside

When the ego steps aside, your true self takes over. The higher self has no fear. The ego is fearful and operates from fear since it is a survivalist mechanism in the lower dimensions. Instead, listen to your heart and sense how your body feels. This takes effort and practice since the body communicates in a subtle way.


Love and Success

Love and success go hand in hand with each other. Success in itself is allowing one to open to new concepts and to make that leap of faith in a changing world that offers so much more.

When one is in love with himself or herself, he/she is willing to let all that does not serve or is not important to fall by the wayside. Nothing else is important to you since you are willing to follow your love wherever it takes you on your journey. That is the journey of love as it unfolds unto you. Love makes all things possible, and this is the importance of love.

Success Defined

To be successful and to continue to succeed, one must raise his/her vibration to a higher frequency in order to continue to be successful. Those who are not working in the higher vibratory frequencies will lose what makes them successful unless they do so in the fifth dimension.

One must know when to bend in the wind and to flow with it. Nature is a perfect example of how to survive. It is using one’s instincts in knowing when to stand strong in one’s beliefs and when to allow another’s advice. You don’t know it all; the universal mind does. If you tap into it where all information exists, you are in the flow with God and with nature. It is also your nature.

Successful Completion

Sometimes success takes one on a road you never really intended to follow, only to find it was exactly what you were looking for and needed. All the things done along the way prepared you for the job you came to do.

If you follow what you truly enjoy doing, then the clues along the way have been followed, and that brings your heart’s desire and the balance in life. It sets you on a journey of love and enjoyment for yourself and for others who need or enjoy your work. That is the journey of love people desire. It is the journey of losing yourself in what you enjoy, only to find your love for life, for yourself, and for others.


Success will flow if the person puts in the work. We also assist with your success, but you must show us that you want it. Asking starts the process.  Archangel Michael

If you are interested in learning more about finding your passion or career, you may be interested in The Fifth Dimension, Connecting to Create Success Now.

To read a chapter in the book or get free materials on finding your career or purpose, click on the website below and then click on the books and downloads tab.

Wishing you love and success in all that you do,   Mary









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