The New Community


The third dimension has dismantled itself for the new energies of the fourth as we move toward a fifth dimensional world, a world of creation and spiritual growth for all who choose to stay. The world of duality no longer works for everyone. We are choosing something better than for Earth.


Everyone is clearing the debris of the remains within; old emotions, thoughts, and energies that must leave to be replaced with the new. Just as your outer world seems in chaos, then so is your inner world. Each reflects the other. Allow these things to occur with love, knowing it is a better world you step into and create around yourself.

It is a world of spiritual growth returning to its place of priorities, not only on an individual level but on a community level. It will be a community of cooperation, social growth, and well-being.

All of us walk our path and create what is in our highest good, our purpose. It is connected to others and cooperation is necessary. There is no ‘me first’ as on the third dimension. It is working in oneness with others. It may be a group project or a part of what will create a larger project with others and for the betterment of the whole. All individuals work from the place each are at in soul development.

Everyone shares common goals and works to promote a better world and community where giving and receiving are done freely. It is a world where love, joy, happiness, and purpose are promoted and encouraged. It is the creating out of love without fear. Where love exists, there can be no fear. Nothing less than exists within love. Honesty, truthfulness, and doing the right thing are all honored.


While the world as you know it will look the same in many ways, it is very different. Those who created the chaos and abuse of others will feel the effects of their creations and how it impacted others. Forgiveness is needed by all and for all.

Reacting with or in lower frequency responses are not acceptable in the higher realms. Forgiveness, love, happiness and peace; all of these abound in higher realms. Where there is love, there is no room for hate or destruction; there is only creation.



Cooperation is also important in the higher dimensions. It is more about community than separation since separation represents a third dimensional tool and does not exist at the higher levels. All are one together and there will be much cooperation and assistance with others. The work will be done as one for the betterment of community and each of its members.

When you cooperate with others, it has a rippling effect resulting in a benefit to you and to those who are assisted by the individuals you helped. It is no longer the me alone struggling at times to make ends meet.

You will be helping each other in providing individuals with their needs and using your talents to benefit others. When one benefits, all do. It is the power of ‘we’. This is what one individual can do and the effect of one person on the whole as it shifts the thoughts of others and affects the whole.

Part 2 will define community for the fifth dimension and how to find it.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary



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