The New Community, part 2



Community is working in cooperation and harmony with others. It is the bringing together of ideas and thoughts and to build what is needed for the community to function as a whole. It is a matter of working together for the benefit of all, but not to the detriment of any. It must be cooperative in all respects to each member of the community.

Each member plays an important part for the betterment of the community. So it is the community and cooperation that must be involved in your success. You are never alone. Separation does not belong at this level of creation.

If something is not in harmony, it must be brought into harmony to be a part of that community. You must be in the present and willing to do your part, not only for your own happiness and joy, but for the happiness and joy of others of like mind.


Nature works this way in cooperation with the environment in which it is found. All things work together. It may not seem like nature is cooperating right now on our Earth, but there is more going on than meets the eye. This is where trust and allowance come into play. You must trust everything is in divine order and allow mother Earth to clear herself of the lower vibratory debris, much like a fever assists in clearing an imbalance in your physical body. Know you are taken care of and ask what is needed by you or of your body when you are feeling out of balance. Know the answer is there and it will come to you.


Community is another aspect of the overall picture of success and achievement. Being in alignment with God and the universe also plays a part. When you are aligned with your purpose, then all else will fall into place.

This means the clues along the way are tools to move you to your purpose and to assist you in fulfilling your purpose. This also allows others to step forward with their part and purpose.

So there is a harmony in all things, from the assistance of nature to the universe assisting you, while you assist community members and align with the universe. This is the alignment we’re talking about. Community plays an important part in assisting the individual while also promoting the betterment of community and the wholeness of all that is.



How does one know they have found their community? Is it what you choose to do? Does it fulfill your needs? Can you contribute to the community and those within, working in cooperation for the betterment of all members in the community?

It will be a natural flow for you as those around you assist you and you in turn assist them. It is a giving and receiving taking place in a very natural respect for each other at a level of cooperation where all are equal. This is the community that is to be created in the fifth dimension. Each member is loved and respected.

There is no hierarchy of one being more important than another. All bring something to the table in cooperation and community in its true sense. Allow it to happen as such and it will be. It is the way of nature and the way it was meant to be.



A medium of exchange, represented in the third dimension by money or currency, may not exist in fifth dimension. Such a situation means you would need to be creative in your exchange of items or services.

Communicating your skill, whether through a bulletin board, the internet, or through networking with friends and family will be important to all. Each of us have many talents and/or skills.

Life will be lived more as a community since the community must learn to support each other with their individual needs in order to be supported within the community. This means it is a sharing of one’s resources for the common good of the community. This is how it shall be in future times which are now rapidly approaching. While being in the body is still common in the fifth dimension, things will appear new to you in some ways.

Part 3 will cover other forms of community.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary




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