The New Community, part 3 of 3



  1. The World as a Community

Being in the now takes you to where you need to be, a new way of being. The world is a community unto itself. As a community, its members must work together to achieve and be successful. When one is successful, all can more readily step into their success. As a matter of choice, it can be that easy.

A community works together for the betterment of all its members. When one becomes the all, extending his or her success to others around him or her, that is success. It is a synchronicity where all things flow and work together for the highest good of all. There is a sharing of talents, skills and energy to assist each other in being and doing their best.

  1. Community with Soul

When you are in alignment with what your soul agreed to do, your purpose, then your soul steps into the body with you to complete the task. This is another form of community because you are working together to accomplish your purpose agreed upon before entering this lifetime. If you do not know your purpose, ask your higher self or Archangel Michael to help you find what it is you came here to do.

  1. A Higher Connection

One must look beyond community also, to what connects all in community. It is God Force. Many call it by different names, whether it be nature, the universe, the All, the Force; however you choose to name it is up to you. It is your God, your power force known by you.

God, or the universe, pervades everywhere around you and it is the energy you co-create with. It has a synergism to it. It is this energy you work with and create with to bring forth your creations from thought into fruition. How long does it take? This depends on many variables.

Know you can create anything you desire. If it is in alignment with your purpose and for the good of all, then it is your purpose to bring it into existence. Be in the present moment for that is when it is created. Set your intent and know it is done. The more energy given brings it into fruition.


Soul Has Something to Say

There’s a gap; the children are crying.  Soul

This message ran through my head for months until I wrote about it. Writing the pages left me in tears for several days. The bottom line was: the children’s souls feel the disconnect from their natural relationships with Earth, love, community and morals, all of which unify us against world chaos. Maybe this is the key to solving the current problems in the world. What do you think?


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