Within the word belief there is a lie.

This has crossed my path many times and I wonder why.

What is the lie in my belief?

Please help me find the answer for relief.

If there is a lie, is there also a truth?

How does one find the proof?

Does that also rest unknown within the word?

How does that come forth to be heard?

The haunting thought returns as I lay in bed

Among visions and thoughts that run through my head.

The answer boldly appears

But no one really hears.

It stands before me in my sight,

Just two letters; written in light.

A small word holds the power I seek.

It stands before the lie and very meek.

Two letters replace three.

I wait to hear it from thee.

The answer is then spoken, be.

Thank you, God.

                                             It’s just me.

I thought you would enjoy this topic. It comes from a book I am finishing entitled Seasons of My Soul, A Multidimensional Love Story. It should be on Amazon in the next few weeks.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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