Doing Your Work


Each individual knows in his or her heart of hearts what he or she is to do. It is just a matter of awaking to it. Many dislike their jobs and spend much wasted energy on disliking it. Instead, decide why you are there doing what does not make you happy and choose to learn the lesson so you can move forward.

It may be a stepping stone to something more important. You might be in that position to assist in restructuring an area of society. Look within and ask why you are there. Look at what bothers you the most about your work. How can you change it? What do you need to change within yourself to shift the situation? If you are not supposed to be there, then you will leave or find something better once you have learned the lesson or done what you were supposed to do. You may be there to support another who you promised to help at a particular time.

Whatever the reason, knowing why you are there or what you are to learn will help in completing what needs to be done. This allows you to feel better about the situation and it could also shift your attitude. Attitude is very important. Allow yourself to step out of the emotions. Once the emotions are cleared away, it is easier to see the overall picture and the part you play in it.

If each of you step forward and do you part, the shift will be much easier for all. Others may be waiting on you to do your part so they can play their piece of the puzzle. Now is always the right time.

Wishing you Love in all that you do,




You are Loved and Blessed


All of us are loved. Be open to letting the love come to you and shine through you so others will remember who they are too. Love yourself first; you cannot give to another what you do not have within you.

Much grace has been given; we are all blessed. If you want more blessings in your life, thank God for your blessings after you state, “I am blessed”. You may also silently bless all those you pass by in your day. What you give out must also return to you, especially if it is not used by others.

This is the most important life time as we make the turn toward home. Many are willing to assist you. They cannot help unless you ask for assistance since earth is a free will, free choice planet. The exception is if you are in serious danger and it is not your time to leave.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


Getting Answers


Besides getting your answers from nature or in meditation, your body can also give you needed answers. Sometimes, it is a gut feeling or a feeling in the heart. We can also ask the body for an answer.

Stand with your feet comfortably apart with soft knees. Some individuals prefer the feet together. Mentally or out loud ask your higher self to please assist you. Then ask your higher self to show you a yes. For me, a yes leans my body forward. “Show me a no” is your next statement. Once you establish a yes and no answer, you are ready to practice and explore some products at home until you feel comfortable with this method.

Hold a piece of fruit to your heart with both hands. Ask your higher self some questions such as: Does my body need this? Is this beneficial for my body? Then pick something like a piece of chocolate or whatever your favorite food is and hold it to your heart with both hands. Ask: Do I want some of this? Do I like this? Does my body need it? Notice the difference between how you ask the question. How you ask the question is key to the answer received. Practice asking your questions in different ways for verification.

This can also be done with friends by each of you putting objects in bags so the other person does not know what is in the bag. The difference between want and need or beneficial to your body may be more noticeable since you do not know what is in the bag from the other person.

When you first try this method, be aware your yes and no may be very strong. You might ask a friend to stand next to your side with an arm in front and one behind you to catch you if your body does react strongly. If need be, you may also ask your higher self that the reaction not be so strong. When you are done with your questions, thank your higher self.

Another method of muscle testing is with your hands. Form a circle with the thumb and first finger of your non-dominant hand with tips touching. The circle should be facing you as if seeing through it. The remaining three fingers are comfortably away from the circle, unable to interfere with it. With your other hand, form a circle through the circle of your other hand, creating a chain-like link. Connect with your higher self and ask if your higher self will please assist you by answering some questions. After establishing a yes and no, then ask your questions one at a time, trying to break the link. Usually a yes answer does not break the link when you try to pull the hands away. A no will break the link.

Practice both methods. Be sure if you are testing in a store that you do not have people next to you or products around you. Move away from anything similar so the effects of another product does not interfere with the answer. Play with your new tools so you can use them when needed.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary


Look Within


The manual we have been looking for is within. How do you find it? Set up your protection and quiet your mind. Ask your question and sit in silence for the answer. The answer is where the question is asked.

Going through the heart is the easiest and safest way to connect. The heart is a hub from which all roads lead. Explore your world and what is there for you to discover.

Within you may find your true self, existence, consciousness and bliss among your travels. Know you are in charge and know that no one can harm you unless you allow it.

Wishing you love in all that you do,