Doing Your Work


Each individual knows in his or her heart of hearts what he or she is to do. It is just a matter of awaking to it. Many dislike their jobs and spend much wasted energy on disliking it. Instead, decide why you are there doing what does not make you happy and choose to learn the lesson so you can move forward.

It may be a stepping stone to something more important. You might be in that position to assist in restructuring an area of society. Look within and ask why you are there. Look at what bothers you the most about your work. How can you change it? What do you need to change within yourself to shift the situation? If you are not supposed to be there, then you will leave or find something better once you have learned the lesson or done what you were supposed to do. You may be there to support another who you promised to help at a particular time.

Whatever the reason, knowing why you are there or what you are to learn will help in completing what needs to be done. This allows you to feel better about the situation and it could also shift your attitude. Attitude is very important. Allow yourself to step out of the emotions. Once the emotions are cleared away, it is easier to see the overall picture and the part you play in it.

If each of you step forward and do you part, the shift will be much easier for all. Others may be waiting on you to do your part so they can play their piece of the puzzle. Now is always the right time.

Wishing you Love in all that you do,




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