Accepting Love, part 2 of 2


All eyes are on your planet as the dimensional shift is to begin with earth. Your planet must make the shift first before the other planets can make their shift. It is like a chain reaction; as one moves forward, then others also shift and raise their vibrations. Your blue planet has the lowest vibration in this universe and must move from the third to the fifth dimension; something that has never been done before.

Earth is currently finishing its cycle toward the fifth. Your help is needed, for as Earth moves so must its people. Otherwise they will be moved to another third dimensional world if they choose to continue their war mongering.

Wake up and see what is happening to your world. Do you want to continue in war, seeing others as different from yourself and being your enemy? There is no right or wrong. Fighting has not and does not change one’s beliefs. Beliefs are changed when there is love; when one sees others as oneself.

All of you want the same thing−to live in peace and to enjoy life. War and separation do not offer peace. Change cannot happen at the same level the problem was created. You must move beyond that level, raise your vibration and see it from a different perspective. Let go of the gossip of he said she said. What one perceives as true may be true for the person at a certain time and space. Separation no longer exists at higher vibrations. It is time Earth and its people choose peace and live together in harmony. All of you are different; accept the differences and embrace them.

On the higher levels you see even more differences between beings. Instead of looking at the differences, find the commonality between you. That is what makes you the same. If you love yourself unconditionally just as you are, your next step is to love and accept others just as they are. In their eyes they are not doing anything wrong. Allow them to see their world as they choose. Each individual must learn in his or her own time and way. Only you are responsible for yourself. Change how you view the world and you will find the peace you seek.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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