Stepping into the Unknown, part 1 of 2


Every day is a new day and offers new opportunities to each of you. Only a small percentage of people have taken advantage of the opportunities available and open to you. Open and awaken to who you are. Release the limiting patterns that have surrounded you and have been engrained within you for so long. They are not yours. Now is always the right time to release what no longer serves and move into your rightful place. Accept your new way of being and enjoy life more than you could imagine.

All that is needed is available for you to use. The gifts were given to everyone, not just a few; yet so many refuse to work with them. So many fear the unknown. The unknown offers new experiences and new ways of being. It is the adventure of a lifetime that you came to experience. It is the moving forward on your life’s journey and back to the one you have been so many millenniums ago.

Those times have long been forgotten. It is now time to begin your way home to the place you originated from. It is a long journey you have been on. Your journey is at the turning point from one of moving away from God to one of beginning your return in the grand circle of lifetimes ahead of you to return home.

How does one move forward? It is one step at a time and one moment at a time. One follows the clues that are given to you. Be aware of what is offered to you in the moment. Note words, ideas or thoughts that repeat in some way. You will know or have a feeling that you are to see someone or do something. Follow your instincts and it will lead you to where you are to be. The clues are pieced together one clue at a time. When you follow one clue, the universe sees you are willing to move forward and will present the next clue. From there, another and another clue will appear until you are doing what you are suppose to do. Life continues in this manner.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary




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