Spiritual Growth and Creating



Spiritual growth is a individual path beyond your religious beliefs that offers you the opportunity to know yourself, your soul and God on a more personal level. It is your personal journey we are talking about here; your personal growth. It becomes a way of life that one lives. It is literally loving yourself just as you are and choosing to know yourself; who you truly are.

You have heard so many times you are a spiritual being. What does that mean? It means you are made in the image of God who wishes to create and is made of energy. You too are made of energy and desire to create while residing in your physical body. Each individual wishes to create and express oneself in some form or another.

As you create, you begin to learn more about yourself. The act of creating takes you on a journey of allowing yourself the opportunity to explore and to begin to know yourself; who you are, what you enjoy and how you choose to live. It is in the quiet space that you learn this as you move into your own world of inner peace. Creation and meditation both offer you the opportunity to know yourself and to grow spiritually.

Through creating, you begin to understand how the universe works. It also relaxes you and calms the body, resetting the body rhythms. Some see creating as an escape from the worries of the mind. Others see it as a part of their daily lives. It is a way of being as you move into the space of creating from the soul or with the elementals or higher beings.


Life does not seem so fast paced even though time is speeding up. It is speeding up because the vibrations of this planet are increasing as it moves into the fifth dimension. Yet in that space of time when one creates, time can become elusive. You may even find yourself in a place of no time where all just exists. It is here where you can find your creation ready to be revealed and connect with it to unfold.

So your spiritual growth may be tied to your creations and what you choose to bring forth. Whatever you choose to do, your path for that creation will take you on a journey of learning. You will learn your lessons and teachings along the path of your work or career.

When others say they dislike their careers and are unhappy, it may really be the lessons they are learning through their careers they dislike. Your lessons are your lessons. Lessons need to be learned and what better way to learn them than along your chosen path. See them for what they are; your lessons unraveling before you. Choose to learn them the easy way so you may continue to enjoy life. Life was meant to be enjoyed. Realize many of the lessons you are facing have been postponed from past lifetimes and need to be reckoned with. Use the creation process to alleviate the stress of everyday life. Accept you have lessons and move through them as you grow spiritually.

Mary at http://www.CreatingtheNow.com



God Bless You


When someone is sick, going through tough times or sneezes, the common reaction is, “Bless you”. John, a teacher in total bliss, suggested we bless everyone and everything throughout our day. It is amazing how two words can change someone’s day. If not used, your energy sent out comes back to you.

If your energy is flowing through your body without any blockages, there may not be a concern. There are times when the energy becomes blocked. It could occur from emotions, being down, negative thoughts or for a variety of reasons. Probably the most common reason is fear.

It is as if a door or doors have closed within you. When that happens, your energy no longer flows steadily throughout your body, leaving you feeling weak. How do you know if a door or doors are closed? If you are blessing others around you as you go about your day, your energy may be dropping or dragging. This is also a way to determine if someone is dumping their baggage on you.

After moving to New Mexico, I found blessing others brought my energy down since I was working through my dark night of the soul. I had closed some of the doors within me. Ann, a new friend, worked with the archangels and suggested I bless people in a different way.

God has unlimited energy. At the time, mine was limited from the blocks placed within me unknowingly by me. Instead of saying, “Bless you” quietly as you pass people by or while waiting in traffic, use, “God bless you” or “May God bless you”. This allows you to maintain your energy and make a difference in those around you.

Wishing you love in all that you do,   Mary



Protect Yourself, part 3 of 3



Here are some more tools for your toolkit to protect yourself from unsupportive energies.

-When attending an event, such as church, listening to a presentation, group meeting, etc., I usually sit in the back with no one behind me and not in direct line with the door.

-When working or doing an activity with a group of people or in a class such as Tai Chi or exercising, the energies are blended together. At the end, make sure you do not take anyone else’s energy with you. Raise your energy to a higher vibration such as by laughing to throw off lower level entities. If you have raised your energy before the class, those of lower energies will be raised by yours.

-Ask yourself, “Is this my stuff or someone else’s?” If it is not yours, return it to the sender with unconditional love or send it to the light. If it is yours, then it must be coming up for you to release it. Choose and intend to drop it down your grounding cord into the earth where it will dissipate.

-At night, I call on Archangel Michael and ask that he please be present. Then I state, “Any and all entities, beings, energies, souls, spirits, and others not contracted to work with me in this lifetime for my highest good or not working in my highest good in this moment and time, it is against divine law to be here without my expressed permission. You must vacate my home, my car and my property and remain twenty feet from me at all times. I am just saying no. You are to leave with Archangel Michael and you are not allowed to return without his personal escort. Please, Archangel Michael, take them all away now. Thank you.” I request they remain twenty from me since they do sometimes return.

I hope these exercises have been helpful for you. Whatever method you use, you must believe it will work; otherwise it may not. Remove any doubt. It is good to have several different tools in your toolbox. Practice when you think you do not need it so you will be prepared when you do.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary


Protect Yourself, part 2 of 3


Here are a few more ways to protect yourself from taking on other people’s stuff. It is a good idea to have more than one method since what works for you today may not tomorrow.

-I notice more unsupportive energies are coming through my computer and the television. Some people place an amethyst by their computer. For me, a bubble of white light is placed around my computer and all electrical components connected to it for 24 hours or until I renew it; whichever comes first. Every time I log onto the computer, this is done. I also state that all energies that try to come through are to be returned to the sender with unconditional love. This method can also be used for your television or any other electrical components.

-If someone is upset, you can send love or a calming blue light to the individual. Whatever the problem is, it is not yours and you do not choose to take it on or deal with it. Reinforce the protection around yourself and do not slip into an emotional or empathetic state where it can more easily be picked up. Let the words pass by you.

-If you are going into a meeting or situation where individuals may be upset or argumentative, fill the room with a calming blue light before entering it.

-Leaving a store, building or other public place, state “Any and all entities, beings, energies, souls, spirits and others that did not come with me when I left home this morning must now go back to the store, building, etc. and go home with the person you came with. You are not allowed to come home with me under any circumstances.”

-Leaving a store, building or other public place, state “Any and all unsupportive energies inadvertently directed at me or mine I return to the sender with unconditional love”.

-Since only the front of your body has a protective shield over it, it is easier for unsupportive energy to enter through your backside. When traveling in a car with two or more individuals, sit in the back seat so any unsupportive energy others are carrying is less likely to be taken on by you.

Hope these suggestions work well for you. You can also create your own. As long as they work, use them.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary




Protect Yourself, part 1 of 3


Pay attention to your body and what it may be telling you. Are your arms crossed in front of you? Is your energy dropping? Do you feel pain where you have never had it before or a sudden, piercing headache? Are you suddenly nauseous or experiencing something uncomfortable? These are some of the most common signs that unsupportive energy or another’s energy may be trying to attach to you. This can occur almost anywhere such as while driving, taking a walk, etc., since energies can be left in a space or place. Those energies can be attracted to your light and attach to you.

The symptoms may be very subtle at first if another is dumping something on you a little at a time. Once you are aware of taking on someone else’s energy, you can either return it to the sender with forgiveness or send it to the light to be dissipated. It is important to keep your body protected.

You can try some of the following ideas I have used or create your own. I suggest you use more than one, depending on the circumstances. What works now may not work in the future.

-Place a protective bubble of white light around yourself to remain in place for twenty four hours.

-Create a spinning column of white light around yourself with one end connected to source and the other end connected to the healing temple at the center of the earth. Ask that it remain around you for twenty four hours.

-When leaving your house, place a shield of mirrors around you facing out in all directions and coated in Teflon®. Ask that it remain around you until you return home.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary