Protect Yourself, part 1 of 3


Pay attention to your body and what it may be telling you. Are your arms crossed in front of you? Is your energy dropping? Do you feel pain where you have never had it before or a sudden, piercing headache? Are you suddenly nauseous or experiencing something uncomfortable? These are some of the most common signs that unsupportive energy or another’s energy may be trying to attach to you. This can occur almost anywhere such as while driving, taking a walk, etc., since energies can be left in a space or place. Those energies can be attracted to your light and attach to you.

The symptoms may be very subtle at first if another is dumping something on you a little at a time. Once you are aware of taking on someone else’s energy, you can either return it to the sender with forgiveness or send it to the light to be dissipated. It is important to keep your body protected.

You can try some of the following ideas I have used or create your own. I suggest you use more than one, depending on the circumstances. What works now may not work in the future.

-Place a protective bubble of white light around yourself to remain in place for twenty four hours.

-Create a spinning column of white light around yourself with one end connected to source and the other end connected to the healing temple at the center of the earth. Ask that it remain around you for twenty four hours.

-When leaving your house, place a shield of mirrors around you facing out in all directions and coated in Teflon®. Ask that it remain around you until you return home.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary




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