Protect Yourself, part 2 of 3


Here are a few more ways to protect yourself from taking on other people’s stuff. It is a good idea to have more than one method since what works for you today may not tomorrow.

-I notice more unsupportive energies are coming through my computer and the television. Some people place an amethyst by their computer. For me, a bubble of white light is placed around my computer and all electrical components connected to it for 24 hours or until I renew it; whichever comes first. Every time I log onto the computer, this is done. I also state that all energies that try to come through are to be returned to the sender with unconditional love. This method can also be used for your television or any other electrical components.

-If someone is upset, you can send love or a calming blue light to the individual. Whatever the problem is, it is not yours and you do not choose to take it on or deal with it. Reinforce the protection around yourself and do not slip into an emotional or empathetic state where it can more easily be picked up. Let the words pass by you.

-If you are going into a meeting or situation where individuals may be upset or argumentative, fill the room with a calming blue light before entering it.

-Leaving a store, building or other public place, state “Any and all entities, beings, energies, souls, spirits and others that did not come with me when I left home this morning must now go back to the store, building, etc. and go home with the person you came with. You are not allowed to come home with me under any circumstances.”

-Leaving a store, building or other public place, state “Any and all unsupportive energies inadvertently directed at me or mine I return to the sender with unconditional love”.

-Since only the front of your body has a protective shield over it, it is easier for unsupportive energy to enter through your backside. When traveling in a car with two or more individuals, sit in the back seat so any unsupportive energy others are carrying is less likely to be taken on by you.

Hope these suggestions work well for you. You can also create your own. As long as they work, use them.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary




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