Protect Yourself, part 3 of 3



Here are some more tools for your toolkit to protect yourself from unsupportive energies.

-When attending an event, such as church, listening to a presentation, group meeting, etc., I usually sit in the back with no one behind me and not in direct line with the door.

-When working or doing an activity with a group of people or in a class such as Tai Chi or exercising, the energies are blended together. At the end, make sure you do not take anyone else’s energy with you. Raise your energy to a higher vibration such as by laughing to throw off lower level entities. If you have raised your energy before the class, those of lower energies will be raised by yours.

-Ask yourself, “Is this my stuff or someone else’s?” If it is not yours, return it to the sender with unconditional love or send it to the light. If it is yours, then it must be coming up for you to release it. Choose and intend to drop it down your grounding cord into the earth where it will dissipate.

-At night, I call on Archangel Michael and ask that he please be present. Then I state, “Any and all entities, beings, energies, souls, spirits, and others not contracted to work with me in this lifetime for my highest good or not working in my highest good in this moment and time, it is against divine law to be here without my expressed permission. You must vacate my home, my car and my property and remain twenty feet from me at all times. I am just saying no. You are to leave with Archangel Michael and you are not allowed to return without his personal escort. Please, Archangel Michael, take them all away now. Thank you.” I request they remain twenty from me since they do sometimes return.

I hope these exercises have been helpful for you. Whatever method you use, you must believe it will work; otherwise it may not. Remove any doubt. It is good to have several different tools in your toolbox. Practice when you think you do not need it so you will be prepared when you do.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary


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