God Bless You


When someone is sick, going through tough times or sneezes, the common reaction is, “Bless you”. John, a teacher in total bliss, suggested we bless everyone and everything throughout our day. It is amazing how two words can change someone’s day. If not used, your energy sent out comes back to you.

If your energy is flowing through your body without any blockages, there may not be a concern. There are times when the energy becomes blocked. It could occur from emotions, being down, negative thoughts or for a variety of reasons. Probably the most common reason is fear.

It is as if a door or doors have closed within you. When that happens, your energy no longer flows steadily throughout your body, leaving you feeling weak. How do you know if a door or doors are closed? If you are blessing others around you as you go about your day, your energy may be dropping or dragging. This is also a way to determine if someone is dumping their baggage on you.

After moving to New Mexico, I found blessing others brought my energy down since I was working through my dark night of the soul. I had closed some of the doors within me. Ann, a new friend, worked with the archangels and suggested I bless people in a different way.

God has unlimited energy. At the time, mine was limited from the blocks placed within me unknowingly by me. Instead of saying, “Bless you” quietly as you pass people by or while waiting in traffic, use, “God bless you” or “May God bless you”. This allows you to maintain your energy and make a difference in those around you.

Wishing you love in all that you do,   Mary




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