Spiritual Growth and Creating



Spiritual growth is a individual path beyond your religious beliefs that offers you the opportunity to know yourself, your soul and God on a more personal level. It is your personal journey we are talking about here; your personal growth. It becomes a way of life that one lives. It is literally loving yourself just as you are and choosing to know yourself; who you truly are.

You have heard so many times you are a spiritual being. What does that mean? It means you are made in the image of God who wishes to create and is made of energy. You too are made of energy and desire to create while residing in your physical body. Each individual wishes to create and express oneself in some form or another.

As you create, you begin to learn more about yourself. The act of creating takes you on a journey of allowing yourself the opportunity to explore and to begin to know yourself; who you are, what you enjoy and how you choose to live. It is in the quiet space that you learn this as you move into your own world of inner peace. Creation and meditation both offer you the opportunity to know yourself and to grow spiritually.

Through creating, you begin to understand how the universe works. It also relaxes you and calms the body, resetting the body rhythms. Some see creating as an escape from the worries of the mind. Others see it as a part of their daily lives. It is a way of being as you move into the space of creating from the soul or with the elementals or higher beings.


Life does not seem so fast paced even though time is speeding up. It is speeding up because the vibrations of this planet are increasing as it moves into the fifth dimension. Yet in that space of time when one creates, time can become elusive. You may even find yourself in a place of no time where all just exists. It is here where you can find your creation ready to be revealed and connect with it to unfold.

So your spiritual growth may be tied to your creations and what you choose to bring forth. Whatever you choose to do, your path for that creation will take you on a journey of learning. You will learn your lessons and teachings along the path of your work or career.

When others say they dislike their careers and are unhappy, it may really be the lessons they are learning through their careers they dislike. Your lessons are your lessons. Lessons need to be learned and what better way to learn them than along your chosen path. See them for what they are; your lessons unraveling before you. Choose to learn them the easy way so you may continue to enjoy life. Life was meant to be enjoyed. Realize many of the lessons you are facing have been postponed from past lifetimes and need to be reckoned with. Use the creation process to alleviate the stress of everyday life. Accept you have lessons and move through them as you grow spiritually.

Mary at http://www.CreatingtheNow.com



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