Praying for Another


When someone asks you to pray for another’s healing or the tough times one is experiencing, is that really what the person needs?

We do not have the entire picture of what is going on in the life of another. Maybe whatever is happening to the individual is needed as an important step to bring the individual to whatever point of learning is necessary in his or her life. By limiting your prayer to a specific result, it may be counterproductive in that situation.

God knows what is needed. So instead of asking for a certain situation, consider changing it to, “May God’s will be done in the life of (the person’s name)”. God’s plan may be much better or bigger for the individual than your request.

Adding “this or something better than” could also be used. For example, if a person is going through a hardship, you could ask that the situation be gentle and easy for him/her; or this or something better than. The added words open things up to other possibilities that may be better.

Wishing you love in all that you do,   Mary



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