Clearing Unsupportive Thoughts


People who came before you―who may also be you from a former lifetime―and individuals presently living on the planet are all responsible for the thoughts that are collectively held around the earth. These thoughts must be removed since they are unsupportive to Earth and its residents. When an unsupportive thought comes up, there are ways to negate it. One that works very well is to immediately say, “Cancel, clear and replace with unconditional love directly from Prime Source.” This removes the unsupportive thought(s).

Another method for those who, for whatever reason, let their mind roam into thoughts of an unsupportive situation, is to say, “I release all such unsupportive thoughts that I just experienced to the light and replace it with unconditional love.”

Individuals often wonder where such thoughts come from and why they thought them. Thoughts surround the Earth and you tap into them when you walk into a space where they are stored. For example, they could have been past thoughts of an unsupportive event you had while sitting in your dining room. Every so often when you are sitting in that same spot or if your mind travels to that space, the event is revisited. The energy field surrounding you stores thoughts also just as your cells store memories of past traumas.

Choose to clear such thoughts by sending them to the light. Put them in an elevator if you wish and send them up to the light to be dissipated. You can also place them in a balloon and let them rise up to the light. Be sure to replace the emptied space with unconditional love directly from Prime Source. You may also choose to replace the space with a positive thought. These are just some examples of how to remove stagnate energies that no longer serve you. Use it as you clean. Open things up and let new air come into the house. Clean your home and your physical body of unsupportive thoughts and energies. The clutter and stagnant energy in your home is representative of what you carry within you.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary


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