Stay On Your Path


If you do not know or understand what is occurring in what seems like an upside down world, then welcome to the last act of third dimension. Instead of worrying or jumping in to react, we suggest you sit back and watch the play. See it as the play of life.

All those who are acting out in anger are doing so because they are waking up and releasing the pent-up anger from days and lifetimes past. While some choose to remain in chaos, destruction and greed, it is the will of the people to continue on the Earth−at least for the majority of the people.

Yes, there will be those who are leaving for various other planes where they choose to move forward on their path beyond whatever plane they are currently on. They have expanded beyond the fifth and are choosing to explore elsewhere to learn lessons. Some who are beyond the fifth dimension now choose to continue on the Earth plane, perhaps because they still have some karma to play out and release or they choose to assist others.

Not all are on the same path, for there are many paths. While there are some that are well traveled by the many, there are many side roads from that path and other paths traveled by the many and the few. All lead to the same destination; Home, reunion with God again. It is still a long journey yet for the many.

At this point, the cycle home is about at the half way point with many lifetimes and adventures before you. It is the way God has chosen to know Him/Herself. It is about knowing yourself. How else could God know Himself other than to experience through the many of you as much as possible using the senses and going through the many different experiences available. It is all part of the grand plan. What happens when you all return to God? There will be another game created.

As above, so below. Are there not games in almost every arena on Earth? They can be seen every day, although most humans are not aware of it or willingly play a part. The duality that is of third dimension has been played out for so long that many cannot imagine life any other way. When they look toward the future, they talk in realms of duality rather than true peace and joy. There is no experience or a minimum they can draw on to relate to what Earth has chosen and the path to get there.

Most people feel as if everything is out of balance and they do not know what to expect. It is time to go within and ask what the next step is for themselves and for what is to come. Be the perpetual observer and learn to walk through the noise. It will fade into the background and ignore you. Find happiness and joy in your life daily. Be in nature and enjoy its beauty; it may even look differently than before.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary



Love and Peace

Playing with the Rose

This day is a day of reckoning. It is a time of leveling out all that needs to be restructured. Many things will need to change. Whenever there is a change, it must first start from within. All things are created within you before they appear in your outer world. So if one desires peace, then one must hold peace for him or herself within in order to have it in the outside world.

When one obtains peace within, then it is easier for others to hold peace. The outer world will also shift to peace when enough choose to hold peace within themselves. This is how one can create and make a difference in the world.

So we ask you today, what do you really want? You must decide and move forward with your decision. It is time to change what no longer works to something better than; to change what is no longer desired by the people and create what does work in the highest and best interest for Earth and all of its residents.

We have told you many times that the third dimension showed you who you are not. Since you have lived under such rules for so long, it is difficult for the masses to imagine anything else. We ask that you make a choice as to what you want in your world. Peace, love, joy, abundance, happiness for all; these are some things to start with.

You think your choice does not matter. It does. How can the world reach a majority ruling and change things if no one votes? You vote by changing yourself first. This is what we ask of you today. Think about what you would truly like the world to be for everyone, not just yourself. It is possible; all things are possible.

Your word is very powerful. Be careful what you say. Be careful what you think, too. Thoughts become words. You will live by what you say to yourself and to others. Now that you know this, be more aware of what you do, say and think. Always look for the best in another and help that person to bring that aspect of self forward. If you bring out the best in another, it also brings out the best in you. Your attitude improves and you see things in a different way.

If you bring out the best in another, he or she will develop that part of him or herself and begin to shine in other ways. This is how you can help others who are having difficulty finding their way. It is time to find the good in all that you do; create that and others will too. It is the ripple effect that we are talking about. It is a way of changing the world from one of war to peace. Through peace, more positive creations will be developed.

When a nation is torn apart by war, there is separation. Separation does not belong at the higher levels; it is a third dimensional trait. If you choose to dwell in separation, fear, control and manipulation, then you will be in a third dimensional world. There is so much beauty that can be created here and now. It starts with one person and spreads to others through love.

Be the love you wish to see in the world. Show and express your love to others so it becomes contagious. Begin to create your own world instead of waiting for someone else to create it for you. Remember, you must take the first step if you want your world to change.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary

Love Is


Love is the topic and key to all there is. There are so many different levels and it is more than one can imagine. Little else matters when in love, for it takes precedence over anything else. Love between a mother and child is a very strong bond. On the higher levels, love is more powerful and an important element to creation. In the state of love, creation and possibilities open to new realms of thinking, doing, and being. It offers one the possibilities of new potentials and ideas, and a direction to the next step. It is unlimited and opens doors previously closed to thought. In the fifth dimension, the doors now have access.

Potentials are limited only to your beliefs. If you can think it, then it can be created. Do not let your limits determine your capability. Open to the thought as being interesting and ask, “How do we do it?” Breathe and relax. Ask yourself the question before entering the sleep state or spend time contemplating the idea. Then step aside and be open to the possibilities. The answer is where the question is asked. Sit and be still without thought when you ask your question. Allow the answer to come to you. To listen to the answer, you must be still and quiet the mind. With the practice of intention, it will come naturally. This is how one creates within a state of love and allows the flow.

Creation is a celebration. All of you are creators. It is your way of life and heritage. Your creations are your children, for they came from you and are birthed by you to enjoy. These are the things to celebrate in your lives along with each step you take to come one step closer to the completion of your finished gift. It is the gift you give yourselves and the gift you offer unto others for their benefit to enjoy also. Joy should be shared with others and celebrated with and by others. It is the joy of life you celebrate in your creations. It is the joy of being alive and the ability to create that is also honored with each creation.

Life should be a celebration. Each day is a creation by you and for you. It is a gift you give yourself. Gifts should be received and cherished, honored and celebrated. In the now, all can be loved and celebrated. Now is a present you give yourselves to enjoy and to create within. It is a time without time, where all is there for you to enjoy. It is a state of awareness and a place where you may observe, make better decisions, and act.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary

The Canvas of Life


Love rides the waves of light and flows throughout the universe. It is a means or vehicle by which much can be accomplished.

Love is the path many have chosen to follow in this lifetime. It is an important path for it is the easiest and gentlest way to move through the universe from one plane to another. Love does not have rules or set traditions as some paths do. It is a gentle flow which takes you to your next step. Love is a state of being and a way of being.

All roads lead to love and can be traveled by love. You are love. Choose to be the love of your own life. There is no one person only for you to love. Many love you and gladly assist you. It is done with love for you and all humanity.

Work in love and with love. Life is a flow also. When you work in love, you are allowing yourself to be open to whatever comes your way. It is like saying yes to the universe. Artists and song writers understand the flow as they work through their creation, allowing what comes to be considered and to shift things as they work. It is like following the flow in a maze, moving from one direction to another until you return to the beginning; this time with your finished creation. It is a journey in and of itself as you explore new ways of being, new tools and new adventures.

The journey is more important than the end result. While painting, new ideas or ways of working with what you have and how the painting is developing gives you new insights, lessons, and direction. This is also true in life. Life offers the lessons you need, tools to assist you and others to guide you.

Throughout a painting one stops to observe how the artwork is developing and how it is shifting, showing a new direction in which the painting wishes to flow. Flow with it and new ways of learning present themselves. The creation takes you to a different direction, often times to a much better idea or painting than originally planned.

It all comes from trust and being willing to flow with new ideas and ways of using your tools to create a different way. This is what the archangels are asking you to do; to create your life anew. Allow it to flow and to show you how to live. Remove the clutter around you so you can flow more freely. Say yes to what comes your way by accepting it and moving with it. No matter how it may feel at the time, whatever happens is there for a reason. You do not need to know the reason. Accept it, thank God for it and ask that your lessons be gentle and easy.

Then continue to allow life to flow. There are always ups and downs in one’s life. You cannot control the situations. You can control how you handle them and move on.

Each of you create life’s canvas. How do you wish to create your masterpiece? However you choose to create your life will be yours alone. Each canvas is unique. All must face similar situations within life. How you handle them makes a difference in your growth and how you flow with life.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary