Love and Peace

Playing with the Rose

This day is a day of reckoning. It is a time of leveling out all that needs to be restructured. Many things will need to change. Whenever there is a change, it must first start from within. All things are created within you before they appear in your outer world. So if one desires peace, then one must hold peace for him or herself within in order to have it in the outside world.

When one obtains peace within, then it is easier for others to hold peace. The outer world will also shift to peace when enough choose to hold peace within themselves. This is how one can create and make a difference in the world.

So we ask you today, what do you really want? You must decide and move forward with your decision. It is time to change what no longer works to something better than; to change what is no longer desired by the people and create what does work in the highest and best interest for Earth and all of its residents.

We have told you many times that the third dimension showed you who you are not. Since you have lived under such rules for so long, it is difficult for the masses to imagine anything else. We ask that you make a choice as to what you want in your world. Peace, love, joy, abundance, happiness for all; these are some things to start with.

You think your choice does not matter. It does. How can the world reach a majority ruling and change things if no one votes? You vote by changing yourself first. This is what we ask of you today. Think about what you would truly like the world to be for everyone, not just yourself. It is possible; all things are possible.

Your word is very powerful. Be careful what you say. Be careful what you think, too. Thoughts become words. You will live by what you say to yourself and to others. Now that you know this, be more aware of what you do, say and think. Always look for the best in another and help that person to bring that aspect of self forward. If you bring out the best in another, it also brings out the best in you. Your attitude improves and you see things in a different way.

If you bring out the best in another, he or she will develop that part of him or herself and begin to shine in other ways. This is how you can help others who are having difficulty finding their way. It is time to find the good in all that you do; create that and others will too. It is the ripple effect that we are talking about. It is a way of changing the world from one of war to peace. Through peace, more positive creations will be developed.

When a nation is torn apart by war, there is separation. Separation does not belong at the higher levels; it is a third dimensional trait. If you choose to dwell in separation, fear, control and manipulation, then you will be in a third dimensional world. There is so much beauty that can be created here and now. It starts with one person and spreads to others through love.

Be the love you wish to see in the world. Show and express your love to others so it becomes contagious. Begin to create your own world instead of waiting for someone else to create it for you. Remember, you must take the first step if you want your world to change.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary


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