Stay On Your Path


If you do not know or understand what is occurring in what seems like an upside down world, then welcome to the last act of third dimension. Instead of worrying or jumping in to react, we suggest you sit back and watch the play. See it as the play of life.

All those who are acting out in anger are doing so because they are waking up and releasing the pent-up anger from days and lifetimes past. While some choose to remain in chaos, destruction and greed, it is the will of the people to continue on the Earth−at least for the majority of the people.

Yes, there will be those who are leaving for various other planes where they choose to move forward on their path beyond whatever plane they are currently on. They have expanded beyond the fifth and are choosing to explore elsewhere to learn lessons. Some who are beyond the fifth dimension now choose to continue on the Earth plane, perhaps because they still have some karma to play out and release or they choose to assist others.

Not all are on the same path, for there are many paths. While there are some that are well traveled by the many, there are many side roads from that path and other paths traveled by the many and the few. All lead to the same destination; Home, reunion with God again. It is still a long journey yet for the many.

At this point, the cycle home is about at the half way point with many lifetimes and adventures before you. It is the way God has chosen to know Him/Herself. It is about knowing yourself. How else could God know Himself other than to experience through the many of you as much as possible using the senses and going through the many different experiences available. It is all part of the grand plan. What happens when you all return to God? There will be another game created.

As above, so below. Are there not games in almost every arena on Earth? They can be seen every day, although most humans are not aware of it or willingly play a part. The duality that is of third dimension has been played out for so long that many cannot imagine life any other way. When they look toward the future, they talk in realms of duality rather than true peace and joy. There is no experience or a minimum they can draw on to relate to what Earth has chosen and the path to get there.

Most people feel as if everything is out of balance and they do not know what to expect. It is time to go within and ask what the next step is for themselves and for what is to come. Be the perpetual observer and learn to walk through the noise. It will fade into the background and ignore you. Find happiness and joy in your life daily. Be in nature and enjoy its beauty; it may even look differently than before.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary



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