Your Responsibility


There are many things that should have been passed down from one generation to another. Somehow, this has occurred less and less.

It is time for people to invest in themselves by educating themselves on how to work with nature since humanity is a part of it. Everyone has been given this life with free will and free choice. When you are given something, you are responsible to take care of it. Everything given to you carries a responsibility. Are you taking care of the many things your Father has given you? Do you even thank your Father for what has been given to you?

These are things to think about. It is time you take care of your home, mother earth, so she can continue to take care of you and her other residents. When you destroy other species or the place in which they live, you are removing the balance of the ecosystem which affects the balance of life. What is your responsibility? AreĀ  you doing your part? It is not someone else’s job; it is everyone’s responsibility.

Be well, Mary


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