Life is a Meditation


You may have heard the saying, life is a meditation, several times before and wondered what it meant.

Yesterday, at a fair, I offered my new book for sale, Life is a Meditation, A Proven Path for Navigating a Chaotic World. So many people stated they had problems meditating and avoiding the mind chatter as they sat with their eyes closed. What they did not understand was that meditation is a one-point focus and your eyes do not have to be closed.

If you are reading a book and do not want to put it down, you are meditating. If you are focusing on painting, sculpting or something else that you enjoy doing, then that could be meditation. So meditation is a one-point focus; concentrating on one thing only.

I asked my higher self to explain the concept of life being a meditation. He explained it as the journey of life:

We live in spirit form within the body. The body is a universe unto itself. (Your body serves as a vehicle to experience what you choose to experience; whether it be via the senses of the body or travels within the body universe.) You, in spirit form, are ruler and control your universe. It is through meditation that one does the traveling. It is a highly focused event.

Life is energy and energy can only be changed. When you end the physical body, it is only a change in how you choose to perceive and use your energy for your next experience. Life is a continuum of experiences. You get to choose and plan your journey away from and back to Source via experiences through various bodies and places.

Be well, Mary

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