This or Something Better


As the third dimension continues to crumble and so many are feeling achy throughout their body, it is also time for you to get rid of the old. Rearrange things so the old energies can be moved out. Clean out files and give them new folders. You can also give away what is no longer needed or used.

Here is a suggestion for creating your new fifth dimension. Think about what you want your fifth dimensional world to be. Is peace, love, joy, abundance for all, laughter and happiness part of it? Whatever you choose, think big. All things are possible when you believe. Do not limit what the universe wants to give you.

When you ask for something, extend the invitation to allow the universe to create something better. This allows you to be in awe of what is possible and to dream even bigger. Use “this or something better” at the end of your request. Make it part of your routine when you dream for what you desire. The universe has no limits, so why put limits on your request.

May your holidays be filled with peace, joy, love and light.   Mary


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