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Mary Moriarty has been a clairvoyant and sensitive since her preteens. She has communicated with spiritual beings while journaling her dreams and conversations. In 2004, Mary began working with Archangels Michael and Raphael. Archangel Gabriel and Sri Yukteswar also work with her on her writings. Ms. Moriarty has pursued many modalities in the healing field; among them are Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy and other types of energy work.
Mary holds a Bachelor’s degree in education and a Master’s in educational technology.
Her experiences as a successful realtor and earning the California designation for a Personal Financial Planner enhanced the economics and business classes. During her thirty some year teaching career Mary also developed materials for creating one’s career and setting and achieving goals. Two of her students placed in the top three in a state-wide goal writing contest. Archangel Gabriel assisted her in creating class materials during her teaching career.
Since Ms. Moriarty’s lifelong desire has been to learn and assist others, the materials are offered so you too can step into your flow of success. She knows when people follow their purpose, other parts of life begin to fall into place. For example when she paints, the elementals help her with relationships within the paintings and painting becomes a flow.
Mary resides in New Mexico with Lady, her cat. She enjoys new adventures, traveling, photo-graphing and painting nature’s beauty. Her blessing is that The Fifth Dimension, Connecting to Create Success Now will help the reader experience joy in the creative process.