You are Loved and Blessed


All of us are loved. Be open to letting the love come to you and shine through you so others will remember who they are too. Love yourself first; you cannot give to another what you do not have within you.

Much grace has been given; we are all blessed. If you want more blessings in your life, thank God for your blessings after you state, “I am blessed”. You may also silently bless all those you pass by in your day. What you give out must also return to you, especially if it is not used by others.

This is the most important life time as we make the turn toward home. Many are willing to assist you. They cannot help unless you ask for assistance since earth is a free will, free choice planet. The exception is if you are in serious danger and it is not your time to leave.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



Abundance versus Wealth


Many individuals are anxious to be in higher dimensions because of abundance, thinking that they can automatically manifest something in front of them. This is true to an extent. Along with it comes responsibility for your creations, learning the universal laws that apply and how to properly use them.

Webster’s Dictionary describes abundance as “a great supply; more than enough”. Often abundance is correlated with wealth which references the connection to money.


Money is something we use as a medium of exchange making it easier to trade two or more items of unequal value. Throughout history, money has been represented by shells, gold and silver, pearls, notes. etc. In today’s life we also see the budding of crypto currencies. The point is what we use for money is perceived to have value only if others accept it.

Bartering, the exchange of one item for another, has also existed and will continue to exist as long as one person is willing to trade an item for another with a second individual or even in a three-way trade.

Money used to be backed by gold. In the United States, the government has d

eclared the dollar our legal tender, meaning people in our country must accept it as a medium of exchange. It is backed by the belief that others will accept it in exchange for something you want or need. There is a shift by government, banks and corporations moving toward a digital money.


Wealth can come and go. A self-made millionaire friend from college always said if he lost everything he could always do it again and never worried about the money. Another very wealthy individual was concerned that people were after her for her money and questioned when enough money was enough for her. These are just some of the thoughts expressed by others with money.


Abundance is different. It refers to always having what you need or want. For example, in community, those who have what you need will supply it for you when it is needed. In return, you do the same for others. So what is needed by one is supplied by others until you can learn to manifest it for yourself. How you manifested in the third dimensional world will change as Earth continues to move into higher dimensions. In general, you will find what works one day for you may not be so tomorrow.

Wishing you Love in all that you do,