Stepping into the Unknown, part 2 of 2


As you continue following the clues one step at a time, things will come to you faster and more and more will be offered to you. It is the concept of like attracts like. When the universe sees you are wanting to follow your path and willing to do the work, it will assist you.

If everyone followed what presents itself to them. then more would be accomplished on this planet. The process becomes easier for all as there is happiness in what you do. The universe provides all that you need and desire. This is abundance in the new world as it unfolds unto you. Be open to it and it will take you on a journey of love, joy, peace and spiritual growth. It is that easy. Keep your mind open and be willing to say ‘yes’ to all that is.

This is not something new to your soul; instead, you have just forgotten it over the many lifetimes on this long journey to the third dimension. Now it is time to return again with the knowledge and experiences you have gained to be shared with others.

The unknown offers potentials; the known only offers more of the same. Which do you choose: a life of continued limitations or one of adventure? It is always your choice in the moment; every moment offers the adventure you seek. Follow you heart and know all is well. Stay positive and say yes to the universe and the gifts that are offered to you. Life is a gift. Use it to uncover the many gifts still waiting for you. It is with love and joy that you open your heart to what awaits for you.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary



Accepting Love, part 1 of 2


It is time to talk about love in a different way. It is the love you have for another and for yourself. In order to enter the fifth dimension you must love yourself unconditionally just as you are. This means you must accept everything about yourself. There is no, “I would love myself if I just looked like this other person”. You are who you are. Accept yourself for where you are and who you are in life. It is that simple.

Humans have made it more than it is through television commercials saying this is beautiful or to be noticed and popular you must look this way. You were made in the likeness of God. He sees you as love and looks at you with love. Accept yourself as He does.

The love for others is accepting them just as they are. Third dimensional humans have had a tendency to pick people apart and gossip about others. You may see others as imperfect, yet all are perfect in God’s eyes. If God can accept others, why can’t you?

All of you are different. Each of you have unique qualities and have a different purpose in life. All are equal. All are loved. No one is better than another. Each one of you is special in your own way and has a purpose in life. Each of you came to Earth for a different reason. Find your purpose and do what you came to do. It is all a grand plan unfolding within the universe.

You are never alone and each of you is very important. Each person holds a piece of a puzzle. It is a puzzle that reveals the full picture of what is to unfold not just on Earth, but throughout the universe. We have said there are many levels of community and one level is your universe.

Wishing you love in all that you do,