Love Is Across the Dimensions, part 3

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You create within love and create more love through love. Love will carry you through to where you need to be in the moment. Give it your attention and intend to allow the love to flow and to work through you. It is a new way of being. It is the way of the Masters. It is their expanding love which permeates the atmosphere and calls to you to allow your love and light to come forward from your soul. It is their gift to you.

Be present. Create your world. Project your love from within and let it shine into your world again, giving others permission to do the same. Be the one you are looking for in your world. Only you can change your world. With common goals and agreements, the tides of life are changing to a much better world. It cannot happen overnight, but it will happen.

Through love and creation the soul chooses to express itself. It is because of the love for humanity that so much is being done. All things are possible with love.


Love is always the message and so much more than a message. It is a state of being and all one desires to experience. It is also a way to live your life and to be in a life, where all cares fall away and only love remains. Many already exist in a state of bliss; a strong and encompassing force where one wishes to reside while everything else falls away. This is not the fifth dimensional frequencies, but the state of bliss is accessible from there.

Love exists on all levels with each level offering a new aspect of love or way of being. In the fifth dimensional world, love is taken to a new level previously not experienced in third dimension. The new level is a place where one chooses to reside to create with the elementals. Love is all encompassing and offers a new way of being and creating by observing without the emotions and seeing the possibilities that present themselves. This enables one to make better decisions in the decision-making process.


We covered love for yourself and love for humanity being an even more powerful source. Then there is love for God. This is the highest force of love. Love for God is one of wanting to know the God within your universe. One must ask for this. God wants you to love Him or Her, and also wants you to experience God’s love for you. It is a love that exceeds all others. It is beyond words. It is beyond anything one could imagine. It is a strength that you know. It is a power that exceeds all others.


Love does not fall along the wayside or leave you. It is always there waiting for your return when you are no longer in the moment. Allow yourself to choose to be in that place of love. Archangel Michael

I hope you enjoyed this mini series on love. Future blogs will cover the new definitions for such words as community, success, abundance, etc.




Love Is Across the Dimensions


Love is the key to all there is.  Archangel Michael


Third dimensional love usually refers to emotions or affection for another. A fifth dimensional love is one of love for each other and humanity; creating and co-creating in and with love in community. From there it becomes love for God, the Universe or whatever you choose to call your power source.

This three-part series introduces the reader to the various levels of love as humanity is choosing to change this world of duality. Third dimension no longer works for everyone; people are choosing to change it to something better than. This new world is all about a new kind of love.


Third dimension on planet Earth is one of free will and free choice. You can choose how you want to learn your lessons. At this level, one often chooses to learn love through a relationship with another. For some, it is a very caring and affectionate relationship. It may even be a very intense, emotional relationship. Many years ago a co-worker spoke about how much she loved her husband and missed him so much she could not wait to go home after work. It was all she could talk about.

Love can be perceived in many ways. The birth of a child can bring a strong emotional bond or relationship. Our pets can also be a vehicle for experiencing love, just as our friends and family can.

For some individuals, they choose to experience an abusive relationship. They may have come into this life with a victim archetype from a previous lifetime. It might be that one grew up with the abuse by a parent and related the abuse with love from the parent. From there, the individual may seek a relationship which is also abusive. Abuse can be mental, emotional or physical.

Why would someone want to learn love through an abusive relationship? Third dimension is one of duality which allows one to learn lessons faster than elsewhere. Learning what you are not allows you to make a better choice. Often times people do not know what they want or may not have ever experienced love.



Others cannot give us what we do not have for ourselves. We must first find our own love. Where do we find our love? Love comes from within. We contain the love and light that we seek. It is found within and without and all around us.

One method is to think of a time when you really felt love, even if for only a moment. It could be from when you first saw your child after birth, from a spouse, a family member or from a pet. Focus on that inner feeling. Practice this and try holding the feeling for a longer period of time until you can call the inner feeling forward to replace unsupportive thoughts. You can also use it in uncomfortable situations. You are really remembering the love for yourself and bringing it forward.

Another method is meditating on the warm, fuzzy place in the center of your chest−the heart which is a hub from which all roads lead. Creating with a one-point focus is also a meditation. This would include various forms of art; such as painting, drawing, sculpting, writing or any other form of creating.


How do you determine whether you love yourself unconditionally just as you are? Recognize or be aware it is not the other person or the outside world which gives you love. They are just bringing the love you have within forward for its internal recognition. You cannot share with another what you do not have for yourself. You can only receive from another a level of love that you have for yourself. This is the path that calls to you and to all who seek. It is the path of love. Love for self unconditionally is where you need to be to make the shift as Earth and its residents move into the fifth dimension.

Love heals all things. Love is the ultimate path. It removes all else along the way. It rises up to meet that which is less than and keeps it at bay. Love for another can be very powerful. All humans at one time or another experience it. For some, it may only be fleeting moments, but it is there to remind you who you are. All is love. All of you come from love and return to love. It is your nature. It is the nature of all beings and all consciousness. Archangel Michael


Part 2 will cover an overview of the fourth and fifth dimensions.