Be Open to New Things


People ask for miracles, but they want them to appear in a certain way for proof. Nature and the universe function differently than the way people expect things to happen. God has a sense of humor and one needs to be open to what presents itself along one’s path. Miracles, as you refer to them, are just information or events that occur that you do not yet understand how they work.

How can one express a higher level event or way of doing things to someone who is not ready to understand it. It would be like a high school or college math equation being shown to a kindergartner. They are not ready to understand it yet.

Individuals will be made ready for many things when they open their mind to what is possible. This is what is being asked of you to do today; to be open to all those things that are unknown to you at this time. Be like children; use your imagination and look upon all things as possible. They are. Be open to new ideas as they come to you. Have fun and run with them. See where they take you. It may be to something greater than you could imagine. So much more exists than you can imagine. Look at your film industry. They have come a very long ways and yet there is still much more to the illusions that can be created.

Be open to what you call miracles for they will become the norm for many who are open to new things and new ideas.

Be well, Mary



Miracles and the Unknown


There is much to be said about life and all its mysteries. To many, they are miracles. A miracle is something you do not understand yet. You do not understand it because you need to grow and be willing to open to the mysteries of life. Once you understand them and begin to work with the concepts, you will accept them just as you have electricity for example.

The mysteries in life will be revealed to you and unfolded as a way of everyday life. They will become the norm instead of the exception. For some, life will continue as a mystery. It does not have to be that way. Accept what is and know that if you believe, then you too can accomplish great things.

You know of the great ones in your past―scientists, mathematicians and teachers. We say, “Great ones also exist today. Everyone of you has the potential.” There are those who choose to do great things by using their skills and making a difference in their life and in the lives of others. It is that simple.

You are here on this planet for a moment in time. Use the time to do the great things you came to do and make a difference in your life and your world. There are no white knights riding in to save you or do the work for you. You are in charge of your life. What you do with your gift is up to you.

Be the one you came to be and stand among the great ones in the present. Everyone of you is a great one. Believe it. How do you become great? Do the work. Go within and ask what is it you came to do. Together you can create as never before for yourself and for the others. Know this. Each of you are important. No one is more important than another. If each of you are great, imagine what you can accomplish together. It is the power of ‘we’. I am, it is, we are.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary