Overcoming Fear


The number one question people ask me is, “How do I overcome fear?” The last gentleman said, “I can feel negative energy around me when I am meditating. What can I do?”

First of all, make sure you are protected. Ask for protection and guidance from whomever you follow or Archangel Michael if you do not know who else to ask. Make sure you have an intention for your meditation, such as wanting an answer to a specific question.

Fear is there to assist you in stepping into your own power. See it as a bump on the road and create what works for you to remove it. You must believe without doubt that whatever you use will work.

You are in charge and have the power. Another cannot hurt you unless you allow it. Believe in yourself. Tell them to be gone; they have no power over you. Command them to leave if necessary.

Recognize fear is a lower level vibration and will keep you from connecting to your inner self or guidance. Depending on the situation, there are several ways to release fear.

If you are clairvoyant and see unsupportive things or beings, give them a clown face or whatever will make you laugh at them. You can just break out laughing. Laughter takes you into a higher vibration which lower level entities cannot handle. Or you can bring it into your third eye to see it as it is; just energy. Energy can be changed; so change it into something funny.

If you feel something around you that is uncomfortable, tell or command it to be gone; it has no power over you.

You can ask an archangel or master to walk with you through the fear or the situation. They will even hold your hand if need be. Remember, you are in charge; take your power back. You have more power than you think.





Protect Yourself, part 1 of 3


Pay attention to your body and what it may be telling you. Are your arms crossed in front of you? Is your energy dropping? Do you feel pain where you have never had it before or a sudden, piercing headache? Are you suddenly nauseous or experiencing something uncomfortable? These are some of the most common signs that unsupportive energy or another’s energy may be trying to attach to you. This can occur almost anywhere such as while driving, taking a walk, etc., since energies can be left in a space or place. Those energies can be attracted to your light and attach to you.

The symptoms may be very subtle at first if another is dumping something on you a little at a time. Once you are aware of taking on someone else’s energy, you can either return it to the sender with forgiveness or send it to the light to be dissipated. It is important to keep your body protected.

You can try some of the following ideas I have used or create your own. I suggest you use more than one, depending on the circumstances. What works now may not work in the future.

-Place a protective bubble of white light around yourself to remain in place for twenty four hours.

-Create a spinning column of white light around yourself with one end connected to source and the other end connected to the healing temple at the center of the earth. Ask that it remain around you for twenty four hours.

-When leaving your house, place a shield of mirrors around you facing out in all directions and coated in Teflon®. Ask that it remain around you until you return home.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary




Just Do It



Don’t Try; Just Do It

If you are just trying, then that is all you will ever do−try. Set your intent to do it and ask for help. Help can come in many interesting ways. The universe is very creative. Once you ask for help, know it will come. If you do not believe help will come, then it will not.

It is always given to you according to your beliefs. Believe and be open to the clues. They will come in many different ways. If you are not sure you have the correct way or answer, ask for verification and be open to the answers and how they appear.

Wishing you joy in all that you do,



Take Back Your Power!



Look for patterns with your associates. You may know you are giving your power away in a situation such as your friends wanting to see a specific movie and you want to see a different one. Since you are friends, you are willing to give in on this decision. It is not that important to you. Be sure they know you are willing to see their choice of movies only because it is not that important to you. (This lets them know you are aware of giving your power away.)

Most individuals know when they are giving their power away or are being used. If your friend always has to have her way, then maybe she is not a friend and is just using you. You don’t need friends who are only invested in themselves. When you need help, they will not be there for you. Good friends are those who accept you just as you are and treat you as an equal. Keep your good friends when you find them. Oftentimes, you have had past lives together and have supported each other through many lessons.


Be comfortable with using this word without clarification. If someone persists in knowing your reason, they either want to argue with you or feel they can convince you otherwise. Respond with “Because I said no” or “What part of no do you not understand?” Deliver “no” and any further response politely.


Sometimes this is the best response. Avoid the opportunity for another to upset you.


Just because others have developed their innate abilities more than you does not mean they know more than you. They may be able to assist you in finding your answers or use them as verification of your answers, but don’t take their answers as your truth. When someone else is getting answers for you through their guidance, the answers are also filtered through the other person’s beliefs.

Learn to get your own answers by going within and asking your own guidance for the information with simple questions. If you are not sure of the answer, ask for them to show you in a different way. Or you can tell your guidance, “This is what I understand you are saying. If this is correct, please verify it”. Or, “If this is not correct, then show me the correct answer in an obvious way today”. Be open to whatever comes your way.

The answer is always where the question is asked. If you want to ask a question sitting at the kitchen table, relax and clear your mind first before asking the question. Then wait in silence and the answer should come to you if you have a clear mind.

The most important thing is to be yourself. Laugh and smile as you did as a child. Stand in your truth and enjoy the journey. It’s all about the journey.

I hope this assists you in taking back your power.




Nine Ways You Give Your Power Away


Take Back Your Power!

Are you aware of how often you give your power away? Look closer at how things work. Here are some examples:

1. When a friend asks you which movie you want to see with him or her and you say, “I don’t care”, you are giving your power to another to make your decision.

2. You are angry with someone because of what the person did to you and you refuse to forgive them. By holding on to the anger, you may eventually be taking it in on a cellular level. You are also giving your power away to the person who angered you. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

3. When you think someone else is greater than you, then you are giving your power away. The other person may have already developed their innate abilities. All of us have such capabilities. The other person may have developed their senses or skills ahead of you. Let go of thinking you’re not good enough.

4. Your new friends are making comments about an individual in your social group. You note all are laughing but you. You don’t say anything either way. By remaining silent, you are saying you agree with them and give your power away.

5. A friend is upset and is explaining an argument with another friend. At the end, she tries to get you to take her side. If you do, you have given her your power. Instead, you might say, “Interesting” or “Humm”. This keeps it neutral. Your friend may go through her story again and ask you , “Don’t you think I was right?”. A reply might be, “That is between the two of you. I do not choose to be involved in it”.

6. You move to a new location but don’t know anyone there. You make a friend and begin doing things together. At some point the person begins to make unsupportive comments to you or treat you poorly. You do not need someone like that in your life. If you stay and let the person verbally abuse you, you are giving your power away.

7. What others think of you is not your business. Learn to laugh and not take things seriously. Laughter raises your vibration to a higher frequency where you can get the answers you need. If you allow what others say as unsupportive thoughts to bother you, then you are giving your power away to them.

Find out who you are and love yourself unconditionally just as you are. This will make things easier for you as the earth moves through the fourth and into the fifth dimension. Stand in your truth and be a way shower for those who are ready.

8. Sometimes you will find people mention something to you but do not directly ask your permission. If you do not say no, they may take authority as if you said yes.

An example is calling the original company that installed my windows for an estimate on some needing to be replaced. The gentleman took measurements and wanted to order them. I said I wanted to get two more estimates before making a decision. Two days later he calls to notify me the windows are ordered and wants to make an installation appointment.

His side was you need the windows and they originally installed them so what is the problem if they can be installed next week. If you say okay and set up the appointment, you have just given your power away.

Become more aware of how you give your power away. Just say no. An explanation is not needed unless you choose to play into their hand.

9. You give your power away when you look outside of yourself for answers. The answers are within you.

What are some of the ways you have given your power away? Let me know and I will include some in future posts if you would like me to.