Stepping into the Unknown, part 1 of 2


Every day is a new day and offers new opportunities to each of you. Only a small percentage of people have taken advantage of the opportunities available and open to you. Open and awaken to who you are. Release the limiting patterns that have surrounded you and have been engrained within you for so long. They are not yours. Now is always the right time to release what no longer serves and move into your rightful place. Accept your new way of being and enjoy life more than you could imagine.

All that is needed is available for you to use. The gifts were given to everyone, not just a few; yet so many refuse to work with them. So many fear the unknown. The unknown offers new experiences and new ways of being. It is the adventure of a lifetime that you came to experience. It is the moving forward on your life’s journey and back to the one you have been so many millenniums ago.

Those times have long been forgotten. It is now time to begin your way home to the place you originated from. It is a long journey you have been on. Your journey is at the turning point from one of moving away from God to one of beginning your return in the grand circle of lifetimes ahead of you to return home.

How does one move forward? It is one step at a time and one moment at a time. One follows the clues that are given to you. Be aware of what is offered to you in the moment. Note words, ideas or thoughts that repeat in some way. You will know or have a feeling that you are to see someone or do something. Follow your instincts and it will lead you to where you are to be. The clues are pieced together one clue at a time. When you follow one clue, the universe sees you are willing to move forward and will present the next clue. From there, another and another clue will appear until you are doing what you are suppose to do. Life continues in this manner.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary




Love Extended



Now we turn again to a different topic. It is one of love as always but with a different twist. Statements referencing love as all there is refer to your only need being love. It will assist you into the fifth dimension if you love yourself unconditionally just as you are. That is the power of love. It also extends beyond that. Love can be sent to another or be given freely to others. This does not mean a third dimensional love where one extends their love to another through vows or telling another you love the person.

Love goes beyond that. When you know the essence and power of love, there is nothing that can overcome it. Love emanates from Prime Source as unconditional love. This means no matter what you do, Prime Source loves you. He/She may not love what you do but does love you no matter what you do. That does not mean killing others and doing horrendous things are right or wrong. What it means is simply you are loved just as you are. This is the unconditional love of Prime Source, the highest love that is.

Some might ask how can God love those who kill and plunder others? All are his children. Does a parent not love his or her child in spite of what the child does? It does not mean something is right or wrong. Judgment exists as a third dimensional aspect. There is no right or wrong in the higher planes; everything just is. This does not mean you can do anything you want without consequences. There are universal laws that prevail and that is not what this writing is about.



These writings are a manual on how to live in the present moment, the now. The present moment is a gift you give yourself; a gift that offers so much since all things exist in the now. The past no longer exists and the future has not been written yet. The future is written from what you choose in the present moment. It is a gift because at any time you can change the future in the present.

If you continue to do the same things you have always done, then you will run a loop of repeating the past in various ways. Not much changes. This is what you call the third dimension. Until you change what you do not want, the loop replays itself with similar archetypes of victim, warrior, etc. with unhappiness.

Love moves you to a higher plane. Love yourself unconditionally just as you are. Remind yourself throughout the day. This does not mean you are vain. It means you accept yourself as you are; even what you perceive as flaws. You are all perfect in His eyes. God sees you as the perfect child of love. You are wished only the best of everything. All deserve the best of everything; not just a few. God sees you as perfect and holds the love and light that you are.

There are no two individuals just alike even though you may find others throughout life who look like you. You were created for a purpose. In this lifetime you are to find your purpose and to be who you came to be; the one you have always been and forgotten.



You are beginning to remember who you are in bits and pieces. Stories passed down through generations tell of the great ones who came before you. You were a part of them. History repeats itself. While there never is another just like you, a part of you returns to accomplish what needs to be done. It is through love that one returns to do the work. Through love you follow your journey from the unknown back into the known; at least what was once known. There are records in the Hall of Records that are accessible through love and intention.

Many of you have seen or even visited your past; at least the part of the past lives pertaining to your present life. The part shown to you is usually a part of what you must overcome in this life. It is one of the reasons you are on the earth; to change or make up for something that happened in a past life. You may even see glimpses of lifetimes past showing you how to do something such as walking through the turmoil of this time period as you did at other times.

This is all given to you in love, love for you in assisting with what you need to do. It is with love that choices are given to you. Your civilization has lived in the third dimension of rules on how things are to be done. It is time to change it by making better choices. Those choices are given to you in love. Accept them in love and follow your path of love wherever it takes you. Look within and allow yourself to be the love that you are.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary