Be Open to New Things


People ask for miracles, but they want them to appear in a certain way for proof. Nature and the universe function differently than the way people expect things to happen. God has a sense of humor and one needs to be open to what presents itself along one’s path. Miracles, as you refer to them, are just information or events that occur that you do not yet understand how they work.

How can one express a higher level event or way of doing things to someone who is not ready to understand it. It would be like a high school or college math equation being shown to a kindergartner. They are not ready to understand it yet.

Individuals will be made ready for many things when they open their mind to what is possible. This is what is being asked of you to do today; to be open to all those things that are unknown to you at this time. Be like children; use your imagination and look upon all things as possible. They are. Be open to new ideas as they come to you. Have fun and run with them. See where they take you. It may be to something greater than you could imagine. So much more exists than you can imagine. Look at your film industry. They have come a very long ways and yet there is still much more to the illusions that can be created.

Be open to what you call miracles for they will become the norm for many who are open to new things and new ideas.

Be well, Mary



Life is a Meditation


You may have heard the saying, life is a meditation, several times before and wondered what it meant.

Yesterday, at a fair, I offered my new book for sale, Life is a Meditation, A Proven Path for Navigating a Chaotic World. So many people stated they had problems meditating and avoiding the mind chatter as they sat with their eyes closed. What they did not understand was that meditation is a one-point focus and your eyes do not have to be closed.

If you are reading a book and do not want to put it down, you are meditating. If you are focusing on painting, sculpting or something else that you enjoy doing, then that could be meditation. So meditation is a one-point focus; concentrating on one thing only.

I asked my higher self to explain the concept of life being a meditation. He explained it as the journey of life:

We live in spirit form within the body. The body is a universe unto itself. (Your body serves as a vehicle to experience what you choose to experience; whether it be via the senses of the body or travels within the body universe.) You, in spirit form, are ruler and control your universe. It is through meditation that one does the traveling. It is a highly focused event.

Life is energy and energy can only be changed. When you end the physical body, it is only a change in how you choose to perceive and use your energy for your next experience. Life is a continuum of experiences. You get to choose and plan your journey away from and back to Source via experiences through various bodies and places.

Be well, Mary

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Your Responsibility


There are many things that should have been passed down from one generation to another. Somehow, this has occurred less and less.

It is time for people to invest in themselves by educating themselves on how to work with nature since humanity is a part of it. Everyone has been given this life with free will and free choice. When you are given something, you are responsible to take care of it. Everything given to you carries a responsibility. Are you taking care of the many things your Father has given you? Do you even thank your Father for what has been given to you?

These are things to think about. It is time you take care of your home, mother earth, so she can continue to take care of you and her other residents. When you destroy other species or the place in which they live, you are removing the balance of the ecosystem which affects the balance of life. What is your responsibility? Are  you doing your part? It is not someone else’s job; it is everyone’s responsibility.

Be well, Mary

Your Relationship to Soul



Your spiritual side, your higher self or soul, is a part of you. You are connected. Your soul gives you guidance and assistance. Some think the soul is within you and others think it surrounds you or is somewhere else. All of these are true.

Gary Zukav, in his book entitled The Seat of the Soul, describes the soul as a flagship with many small ships. If the small ship, you, follows the flagship, then everything flows smoothly. If you go off course or away from the flagship, things do not run smoothly in your life.

Many believe the soul surrounds you when you are born while others feel the soul is within you. As you grow and experience life from the outside world and believe everything is outside of you, the soul separates from you; hence, the small ship following the flagship.

Follow your soul and stay on track so that your life becomes one of flow and joy. If you remain ‘distant’ from your soul, after leaving your life you will reunite with your soul and become a part of it once again. Everything is energy and energy can only be changed; it cannot be destroyed.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary

With Love and Light


Light and love are often used together and many people feel they mean the same thing. They are not interchangeable and have different meanings, even though they carry the same vibration.

Light is the vehicle on which love is sent or carried. Love is a high vibratory frequency of energy that increases as you continue to work with it and in it. It is a force field stronger than any other bond and can be given to loved ones through grace. It is the frequency that emanates from God as an extension of God.

Loving yourself unconditionally just as you are will get you into the fifth dimension. Love is what takes you into higher vibrations and dimensions. Love can protect you and guide you. It is love that wishes to express itself through you and carries you through tough times. Love allows you to learn your lessons through love, no matter what form they may seem to appear in. It is love that creates with love and through love. All comes from love and goes back to love.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary

Bringing Yourself into the Present



Be in a place of observing and allowing. If you allow yourself to come from a place of emotions or reaction, you are not staying in the present where you can make better decisions since things can only be created in the present.

When you find yourself starting to react or not being in the present, close your eyes and inhale to the count of four. Then hold your breath to the count of four before releasing the breath to the count of four and then wait to the count of four. Repeat this process three times and it will bring you back into the present. Things may look or feel differently when you open your eyes.

Practice this often when needed so it is easier to stay in the present when you really need it.

Wishing you love in all that you do,  Mary


Balance is Everything


Many individuals have felt out of balance this month. Part of it had to do with the equinox and Earth’s wobble. If you are an empath or sensitive, you may have felt more challenged. Since the equinox has passed, some are still feeling out of balance. For me, it was my atlas and part of my spine being out of alignment.

Comfort is feeling in balance with the Earth, your house, friends, etc. Meditation can create comfort and balance in your body. Be sure to choose the guidance you want and what you want it for. Stay in your body. To be in balance, spend some time in nature; walk in grass to ground you if you are not in your body. Nature will also assist in clearing you of unsupportive energy.

Are you in balance with your house and its environment? Do you need to clear things out or rearrange things in the home. Some people like to move the energy around by rearranging their furniture every year. For most, it is cleaning out your closets and going through unused items or things no longer needed. Bless them and ask that they find the right person(s). As you remove them from your home for donation, intend to replace the space with unconditional love. Items you choose to keep, place in a new box or file folder.

Are you in balance with the friends in your life? Do you have any treating you poorly or using you? Maybe it is time to let them go. If you love yourself enough, then you will release those who try to take your power from you. Remember, balance is everything. If you unconditionally love yourself enough, then you will be in balance.


Miracles and the Unknown


There is much to be said about life and all its mysteries. To many, they are miracles. A miracle is something you do not understand yet. You do not understand it because you need to grow and be willing to open to the mysteries of life. Once you understand them and begin to work with the concepts, you will accept them just as you have electricity for example.

The mysteries in life will be revealed to you and unfolded as a way of everyday life. They will become the norm instead of the exception. For some, life will continue as a mystery. It does not have to be that way. Accept what is and know that if you believe, then you too can accomplish great things.

You know of the great ones in your past―scientists, mathematicians and teachers. We say, “Great ones also exist today. Everyone of you has the potential.” There are those who choose to do great things by using their skills and making a difference in their life and in the lives of others. It is that simple.

You are here on this planet for a moment in time. Use the time to do the great things you came to do and make a difference in your life and your world. There are no white knights riding in to save you or do the work for you. You are in charge of your life. What you do with your gift is up to you.

Be the one you came to be and stand among the great ones in the present. Everyone of you is a great one. Believe it. How do you become great? Do the work. Go within and ask what is it you came to do. Together you can create as never before for yourself and for the others. Know this. Each of you are important. No one is more important than another. If each of you are great, imagine what you can accomplish together. It is the power of ‘we’. I am, it is, we are.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary

Life Cycles

My beautiful picture

All things come from God and all things are just as they are. Accept the way things are and move on. Change what you can and leave the rest up to God. The only thing you can change is yourself and how you perceive what is around you.

What is around you? It is love, love of the highest. All consciousness contains a part or particle of God. At night, humans return to their source to connect and to renew their energy. When you take a nap, you are often times doing the same thing. By lying down and doing nothing, you are receiving energy. Sleep is important to the body. It is a time for the body to repair and renew itself just as our souls also renew our light and energy.

Everything in life has a cycle. You see it through nature as it renews itself in the winter; plants pull their energy back to their stem or main branches for rest and strength, waiting for the rebirth of spring. Summer brings its full blooms, attracting you to its beauty. Fall offers the bearing of nature’s fruits before it returns to its hibernation once again. Within your cycle is the daily cycle of night, representing the hibernation period, the early morning is the awakening into the full bloom of the day. Evenings offer the display of true colors peaking through the shadows of life before it repeats the cycle.

Man is part of nature and must follow the laws of nature. Look to nature and how the birds, animals and plants all work together for life to survive. Man also goes through cycles. There is the obvious daily cycle of sleep to renew the body and soul as it reconnects with its soul. The morning brings the awakening of the body and soul to its work on this planet and the relaxation and enjoyment of the day as you work with others. The evening brings the opportunity to share your fruits of the day before renewing your energy again.

There is also the life cycle of man. From birth to growth and full blooming of this one life before preparing for the reconnection and reunion of the soul. From there, there are rebirths into other lifetimes for one to grow, learn and express oneself again in different ways.

The universe is a larger cycle and cycles continue on from micro to macrocosm and macro to microcosm. As above, so below; as below, so above. This gives one an overall view of life and how creation also works in both directions.

Wishing you love in all that you do, Mary

Overcoming Fear


The number one question people ask me is, “How do I overcome fear?” The last gentleman said, “I can feel negative energy around me when I am meditating. What can I do?”

First of all, make sure you are protected. Ask for protection and guidance from whomever you follow or Archangel Michael if you do not know who else to ask. Make sure you have an intention for your meditation, such as wanting an answer to a specific question.

Fear is there to assist you in stepping into your own power. See it as a bump on the road and create what works for you to remove it. You must believe without doubt that whatever you use will work.

You are in charge and have the power. Another cannot hurt you unless you allow it. Believe in yourself. Tell them to be gone; they have no power over you. Command them to leave if necessary.

Recognize fear is a lower level vibration and will keep you from connecting to your inner self or guidance. Depending on the situation, there are several ways to release fear.

If you are clairvoyant and see unsupportive things or beings, give them a clown face or whatever will make you laugh at them. You can just break out laughing. Laughter takes you into a higher vibration which lower level entities cannot handle. Or you can bring it into your third eye to see it as it is; just energy. Energy can be changed; so change it into something funny.

If you feel something around you that is uncomfortable, tell or command it to be gone; it has no power over you.

You can ask an archangel or master to walk with you through the fear or the situation. They will even hold your hand if need be. Remember, you are in charge; take your power back. You have more power than you think.